Dems' Wuhan lab flip-flop is laughable

The Democrat/commies have just flip-flopped about COVID coming from the Wuhan lab after months of denial. The left and its media conspirators said that if you thought that the Chinese lab was the source, you were a "conspiracy theorist," crazy, partisan, stupid, etc. The truth is that anyone with a brain would have known it came from the Wuhan lab. Donald Trump did, and the left was wrong.

Here is a little primer: Conspiracies are common. Every day they are investigated by the FBI, police, Congress, CIA, etc. Coincidence is rare. The definition in Websters is "a remarkable concurrence of events or circumstances without apparent causal connection." When coincidences happen several times on the same subject, it is called a conspiracy.

COVID was the best thing that could have happened to the Chinese. One, they got rid of Donald Trump. Two, he was replaced with a compromised Biden. Third, they made billions selling PPE equipment like gloves, masks, etc., to the world. Fourth, they hurt the Western economies while improving their own. The Chinese are laughing themselves to death.

Stay tuned, the next "conspiracy theory" is that the Chinese did this on purpose.

Tim Price



Local Scouts complete food drive

Boy Scouts of America Cherokee Area Council units recently wrapped up their annual "Scouting for Food" effort to alleviate hunger in Hamilton, Catoosa, Walker, Dade, Marion, Grundy, Bradley, Polk, Rhea, Bledsoe, and Bledsoe counties.

Cub Scouts, Scouts BSA and Venturers collected enough nonperishable food items to create more than 5,100 meals. The Chattanooga Area Food Bank will deliver those items to various food pantries for community distribution to those in need.

"We are deeply grateful for the nourishing meals that Scouting for Food will be able to provide to the families in need in our community," said Melissa Blevins, president and CEO of the food bank. "In serving their community, the local Scouts are helping us provide food — and hope — to those neighbors in our community who are struggling and seeking food assistance."

Barbara Edwards

Cherokee Area Council


Virus origin not all that important

To search for the origins of COVID seems to me such a useless endeavor. The fact is, we all know that China will never be forthcoming with the world on its origin. The facts also point that China didn't control it. Also, the Trump administration didn't control it when it came to America. What do the origins of it really matter?

Dennis Foxworth



Don't confuse CRT with critical thinking

I've paid careful attention to the negative comments local teachers as well as various organizations have recently voiced about Tennessee's critical race theory (CRT) legislation.

Most of the teacher-critics of the legislation confuse the concept "critical thinking" with critical race theory, charging the legislation endangers critical thinking and discussion of racism and civil rights: It doesn't. Competent critical thinking, grounded in students first learning civic and historical content, enables the objective analysis and evaluation of controversial issues.

As some of the critics of the new legislation know but won't admit, critical race theory, influenced primarily by Marxism, is deliberately designed to radically change the nation. Proponents divide Americans into oppressors and oppressed, ignore individual diversity, and inaccurately charge that the U.S. is a systemically racist society.

Children of color are already shortchanged educationally since most public schools fail to effectively teach reading. Frederick Douglass, Booker T. Washington, W.E. Dubois, and Martin Luther King Jr. learned to read and changed the nation. Even though they lived in eras much more racist than today, their teachers stressed individual empowerment through literacy, not indoctrination.

Lucien Ellington

Flintstone, Georgia


Cook's friend is misinformed

David Cook's May 23 column on his "3 a.m. friend" who refuses to be vaccinated falls into the trap of false equivalence. Cook's friend may have his own doctors and news sources who make him leery of the vaccine, but they are not on the same level as those Cook tells us he himself relied on when he decided to be vaccinated: the vast majority of medical professionals and well-established, reputable news sources. I'm glad Cook's friend is so reliable, but on the issue of vaccines he is misinformed and irresponsible, and Cook needs to say so.

False equivalence, or the idea that "my source is just as good as yours," is a major reason we are enduring follies like the endless vote "audit" in Arizona and the spectacle of elected officials claiming that a scrupulously conducted and investigated presidential election was somehow "fraudulent." Like Cook's friend, they are being irresponsible and endangering all of us.

David Cofield

LaFayette, Georgia


Biden inconsistent with Bible principles

A recent letter writer included a comment of thankfulness that we have a Christian in the White House. While the Bible forbids me from judging Biden's Christianity or salvation, the same Bible requires me to judge actions compared to biblical principles. So let me explain why I don't share that thankfulness.

Many generations have defining issues for anyone who claims to be a Christian. In 1850s America, that was slavery: an authentic Christian would have been an abolitionist, not an advocate of slavery. In 1940s Europe, it was Nazism: an authentic Christian would have stood against Nazism and the mistreatment of Jews.

In present day America, the issue is abortion. An authentic Christian stands against the taking of innocent human life — abortion, and stands against Planned Parenthood. But Biden is the biggest advocate for abortion the White House has ever seen. His actions to advocate for U.S. taxpayer funding of abortion and to endorse access to abortion are inconsistent with biblical principles. If Biden lived as an authentic Christian with a strong stand against abortion, I also could be thankful a Christian is in the White House.

Dennis Urbaniak

Signal Mountain


Learn from history; don't whitewash it

We are witnessing revisionist history with the current bill aimed at critical race theory (CRT). We are to learn from the past and do our best to not repeat those mistakes.

Tennessee seems to want to whitewash slavery. Slavery happened, unfortunately; let's read about it and learn from it. Let's not edit it and make it look better than it was.

The Trail of Tears is another example of how we took a sense of entitlement and arrogance to the max. If we look at who is acting superior and entitled in Nashville, it is not the descendants of slavery or The Trail of Tears.

I am a retired history teacher who taught my students the good, bad and ugly about a situation. Thankfully, I did not teach in Tennessee.

So, these legislators, who supposedly represent their constituents, have passed two bills directed at education and schools. One is directed at the LGBTQ population and one about CRT. I wonder if they understand, in the least, what transpires in the classroom.

Let's teach history as it happened, learn from the past and make the future better, because we understand what we did, or allowed to happen.

Mark Grantham

Lookout Valley