Moorhouse promoted for county commission

I live in District 9. I am in favor of Dean Moorhouse for county commissioner.

I have known Dean for more than 20 years. He is an honest neighbor, caring friend and committed volunteer to our community.

He has been on multiple boards for education, youth groups, Christmas fundraisers for needy families. He genuinely wants to make our schools and community a better place.

I ask that each of our county commissioners vote in favor of Dean as interim county commissioner.

Dee Ann Harwell, Ooltewah


Transparency missing in migrant situation

The statements of Lisa Sherman-Nikolaus, executive director of the Tennessee Immigrant and Refugee Rights Coalition, to elected officials concerning illegal migrant children being flown into Chattanooga and other cities are misguided and based on unlawful actions.

First, this is a nation of laws, and the laws are being violated with impunity. The desire of her organization to facilitate unlawful acts emphasizes the seriousness of the problem the U.S. has within its borders.

Second, we have children and families who are citizens of the U.S. who need assistance, live in poverty, need better education, and have been thrown away or ignored. We have veterans who are homeless. We need to be able to help these people. Is it appropriate to take our attention from our citizens to attend to those who have not been vetted.

What we have here are misinformation and a shell game. If these organizations were acting legitimately, they should have been transparent to our elected officials in Congress or our state officials, let alone to the people of the community. Did they really believe we could trust their actions?

I think this organization is misguided; its nonprofit status should be revoked.

Don Gala, Ph.D.


Moorhouse boosted as commission pick

This letter is to affirm my support for the appointment of Dean Moorhouse for the replacement of our District 9 county commissioner, Chester Bankston, who plans to resign.

I am a small business owner and have been a resident of Hamilton County for more than 30 years. I had the privilege of working with Dean with other concerned residents to voice our concerns about the recent sewer treatment plant that was planned for northeast Hamilton County.

I firmly believe he is the best candidate to represent the interests of citizens in District 9.

We have a lot of issues to address in our county that are very important for citizens in District 9. Let me mention a few: inadequate infrastructure, aging schools, urban sprawl and poor planning, inadequate roads to handle new development.

The citizens of District 9 need a commissioner who will balance the interests of current residents with the interests of developers/builders who want to turn our beautiful country into urban sprawl and congestion. I believe he is the best candidate for the replacement on the commission.

Earl Burton P.E., Ooltewah