Biden motto: 'Lower Your Expectations'

I read lots of letters to the editor touting how bad and criminal Trump is. They never mention how Biden is destroying this country with open borders, high inflation, record high gas prices, empty store shelves because of supply chain issues, destroying our health care system because of the vaccine mandate, etc.

Four years ago, the motto was "Make America Great Again." Today, the Biden administration's motto is "Lower Your Expectations."

It appears that Biden and the Deep State intend to divide this country because they know a divided country is easier to control. This is the reason for the vaccine mandate to separate vaxxed and unvaxxed.

The Democrats know they are going to lose the House and Senate in the midterm elections. So, they intend to create such hardship and turmoil in America by hoping for some form of rebellion. That way, they can declare martial law and cancel the midterm elections — keeping them in power. And this is the reason our Founding Fathers wrote the 2nd Amendment into the Constitution. It wasn't for deer hunting.

Gary Hayes, Ooltewah


Truth more nuanced than CRT proclaims

What critical race theory is or isn't continues to bedevil U.S. politics and education. Those seeking to dispel concerns write it off as something benign which first cropped up decades ago in academia. This posture ignores the root of the theory and its attractiveness.

Critical race theory is a Marxist spin-off. Where Marx viewed everything as class warfare, the wealthy mercilessly exploiting the downtrodden working class, CRT views everything in terms of race: that light-skinned people have exploited dark-skinned people is the claim. Just as there was truth to Marx's claim in the 19th century, so history is replete with examples of racial injustice. And because so many examples in history of class and race inequality exist, it's easy to settle on this or that as the single lens through which to view life. Singularity is attractive — and misleading.

But it's not the whole truth. While it's in the nature of humans to selfishly take advantage of others' weaknesses, there are too many exceptions and counter-narratives, both in industrial relations (owner/employee) and in race relations in the U.S., to see everything through a singular lens. The truth is far more nuanced.

Gary Lindley, Lookout Mountain, Ga.


We need cartoon of the real clown, Biden

After seeing Clay Bennett's cartoon (Oct. 30), I felt compelled to respond. Considering the hard-hitting journalism that Tucker Carlson engages in, feared by liberals and wrongdoers, I can see the need for a liberal to draw such a cartoon.

The reader may want to take a step back and consider how Americans are viewing Joe Biden when he is on TV giving his opinion, or that of others, and the stumbling that occurs. If there is any "coulrophobia" within our society, it would be witnessed when President Biden takes to the podium.

Being that Biden is the quintessential example of a clown with glossophobia, America would be better behind the chair, hiding. The fears the American people have are that Biden is oblivious to inflation, high gasoline prices, inflated costs associated with home fuel and gas for heating, higher prices for children's clothes, higher prices for food and the sheer lack of security at the Southern border.

Mr. Bennett may want to attempt drawing something that represents this picture.

Don Gala, Hixson