Greene's Tellico Lake vote unfathomable

I am just curious about Rep. [Marjorie Taylor] Greene's justification for her no vote concerning HR 2088 [Eastern Band of Cherokee Historic Lands Reacquisition Act]. She stated concern for loss of electrical generation from Tellico Lake as her reason.

Personally, I have never seen the exchange of property ownership on a TVA lake affect power generation ability and especially on a non-power generating body of water such as Tellico Lake.

It would be appropriate, I think, for her to expound on and truly justify her reasoning.

Hank Thompson



Mom/pop combo confusing at best

We live in a bizarre world. We hear lies all the time. Here's the newest one: Men can menstruate and give birth.

How can men give birth? Meet Freddy McConnell, an Englishman. Freddy was born female, but at age 25 decided to transition. There were testosterone treatments that produced body hair and a voice change. A year later, his breasts were removed. Through England's Gender Recognition Act, Freddy legally became a male. Seeing him, you would think Freddy is a male. However, Freddy left the "internal plumbing" intact, and in a few years the maternal instinct kicked in. Freddy wanted a baby, and by reversing the transition process, he began menstruating and ovulating again. With a sperm donor and artificial insemination, he conceived. It was a difficult pregnancy for Freddy, and at one point he said he felt like an alien. I think I can understand — maybe. Freddy is now the proud father/mother of baby Jack. After Jack's birth, Freddy restarted the transition process back into manhood. This is all very confusing.

Thomas Blewett

Signal Mountain


Americans must vote for their freedom

Are we an aristocracy (king) or authoritarian state (boss)? Joe Biden made orders to shut down a pipeline and stop drilling for oil on the people's property his first week on the throne. Prices rose over 30 cents in a week. Many jobs were lost, and we became importers of oil rather than exporters.

He made a huge blunder removing military from Afghanistan before Americans and friendly citizens. He requires vaccination or people risk losing their jobs. He is spending money like an insane gambler. Since when does he have power over states and individuals? Inflation is a paycheck killer.

God help us if we don't stop this fool. Vote for freedom (red). We just had a great start. The "woke" Democrats found freedom-loving people are not going to put up with their insanity. Vote for freedom, America.

Herbert Braswell



It's life or death for our America

Funny cartoon (Oct. 24), Mr. Bennett — funny on how wrong you are.

1. Democracy: Simply look at what the Dems want to force on you, such as vaccine mandates.

2. CRT: Is racist in and of itself.

3. Public health: Not sure what you're implying.

4. Voting rights: I have to show an ID to buy beer. Certainly "We the People" should be required to provide proof of residency when we vote.

5. Vaccine mandates: See No. 1 (By the way, I am vaxxed and boostered).

6. Roe v. Wade: There are many of us (on both sides) who know life begins at conception. Besides, SCOTUS, not Republican legislators, are the final arbiters of this law.

As I see our liberties and freedoms on a downward slide with this House and administration, I worry about the future of our great nation.

To all: Research and know the candidates before you press the button in the voting booth. It's a matter of life or death for America.

Kirk Kruse

Jasper, Tenn.