Elections repudiate Dems' policies

It is regrettable but predictable that the Democrats responded the way they did over the [Republican] victories in Virginia with the governorship and the other two candidates who won. Biden whined that it was their leadership's inability to get things accomplished faster and better, and that was the problem.

They never seemed to take responsibility that it was a repudiation of their policies. Education was front and center; parents were furious over their children being indoctrinated with critical race theory. The school board was not listening.

It was a groundswell of discontent over this administration's policies that have caused rising crime in blue states, an open border and the promise to eliminate the fossil fuel industry.

If we have to endure three more years of a president who is weak and incompetent, we will have to fight like h—- to save our republic and the values we cherish.

Mary Jane Reilly


Where are this year's voter fraud charges?

Did you hear it? Did you hear all of the uproar over the last election?

Did you hear Republicans who won complaining about voter fraud? Maybe that's because they only want to complain about voter fraud when they lose.

Did you hear Democrats who lost complaining about voter fraud? Maybe that's because they believe in democracy and a two-party system.

Our election system is perfectly fine. If anything, we should encourage people to vote, not restrict their access based on lies about voter fraud.

John West



Red Bank getting cans turned around

Red Bank has come up with another bright idea (ha). They want you to turn your garbage can with the handle and wheels toward your house instead of the street. I have lived here for 50 years, and the handle and wheels have been pointed toward the street; the wording on the garbage can even says that is the correct way. It is also easier on the garbage man.

Jim Wilson


Bring back local Georgia coverage

I have lived in Chattanooga 22 years and have thought the Times Free Press was the best mid-sized newspaper in the 10 Southern cities where I lived. I also appreciate the terrific sports coverage. This year I have a sincere complaint about the lack of coverage the Georgia Bulldogs (the No. 1 football team in America) are getting!

For years, TFP sports writer David Paschall covered the Dawgs, and he did a terrific job. He was knowledgeable, fair and thorough. He provided more than win-loss statements and game statistics. Considering the Tennessee Vols are the in-state and local favorite, I understand them getting top billing, but this year Paschall isn't covering Georgia. We get only game coverage from an Associated Press guy, and any pictures are comparatively small and usually on the back pages. UGA almost never gets a top front-page headline, even though they are undefeated and have been at the top of the rankings for six to eight weeks.

There are a lot of Georgia grads and fans in Chattanooga and even more within your circulation in North Georgia. I think we all would appreciate more and better coverage.

Barry Wilson


Not happy to see conservative letters

I was appalled at the letters printed in the Times Free Press on Nov. 8. All three letters were representative of the rhetoric from today's conservatives.

The first predicted an attempted coup by the Democratic Party and suggested it would declare martial law and cancel next year's elections. I have never heard that suggested anywhere, and I believe it to be a total fiction. It went on to predict a civil war and suggested the Second Amendment was written so one party could use force against the other party.

The second letter compared critical race theory to Marxism because both refer to racism. That is not what CRT is about, and it's taught as a theory to graduate students.

And the last letter referred to the president as a "clown."

Thank you, TFP, for advancing the dialogue and maintaining your sham principle of objectivity. By printing these three letters and no letters with any substantive discussion, you have clearly demonstrated that 'liberal bias" in media is a fiction.

Larry Ortega


Appreciates editing his letter received

The Nov. 7 Times Free Press included a letter-to-the-editor that I submitted.

The person(s) who reviewed my submission improved the headline I suggested for my letter from "Mask ban disregards conservative principle" to "Mask ban disregards conservative thought." Your change better captures the core concept my letter was intended to convey. It not only reflects the fact that my letter was carefully read by reviewer(s) but that the reviewer(s) were better able than me to distill its key message.

Thanks again, as always, for: 1) publishing letters reflecting the wide range of political opinions held by your readership, and 2) exercising political neutral editorial oversight resulting in a better experience for the reader (and, as in the case of my letter published today, improving the quality of the submission).

Patrick Lavin



Walker should reveal his policy stances

Dear Herschel Walker,

I read with great interest of your upcoming senatorial campaign. As a voter, I have four questions for you as a candidate:

1) Where do you stand on the details of immigration? What specifics would you like to see in our immigration policy?

2) What will you do to cover Georgia's large, uninsured population? How will they have access to health care? Do you support expanding Medicaid to cover our uninsured?

3) What is your policy on abortion? Would you favor a continuation of Roe or legislation similar to that recently enacted in Texas?

4) Do you believe that Joe Biden legitimately won the 2020 election, or do you believe there is evidence that there was voter fraud significant enough to cause Donald Trump to lose the election?

If you plan to be our senator, we need to know your specific stance on these issues. As a registered voter, I would appreciate your response.

David C. Redheffer

Ringgold, Ga.


Greene's Tellico Lake vote unfathomable

I am just curious about Rep. [Marjorie Taylor] Greene's justification for her no vote concerning HR 2088 [Eastern Band of Cherokee Historic Lands Reacquisition Act]. She stated concern for loss of electrical generation from Tellico Lake as her reason.

Personally, I have never seen the exchange of property ownership on a TVA lake affect power generation ability and especially on a non-power generating body of water such as Tellico Lake.

It would be appropriate, I think, for her to expound on and truly justify her reasoning.

Hank Thompson