Rally behind hunger strike for voting rights

I am writing this to let people know about the popular Sirius XM radio personality Joe Madison's hunger strike meant to bring attention to The Voting Rights Advancement Act.

He will not eat solid food until Congress passes and President Biden signs this bill. He says, "Eating is vital for survival and voting is vital for a democracy." Forty-nine states have introduced bills recently meant to make it harder to vote. I feel this is unconscionable as does Mr. Madison.

We citizens of this USA should rally behind him and make his sacrifice a movement. Call, write, email your senators and representative and encourage them to pass this voting rights protection law, Our very democracy has been endangered by these laws introduced in the states. Let's protect our voting rights and our democracy.

Mary C. Caliandro



Spirit of McCarthy, Birch alive and well

A Nov. 8 letter to the TFP reveals the spirit of Joe McCarthy and the John Birch Society remains alive today. It seems some folks see communism every time a minority or subjugated portion of society pushes their story to be more fully told, for them to have "a seat at the table" and an equal voice. Those seeking change — those who differ from the accepted story — they must be Marxist-inspired.

Whether it be abused workers organizing, needy individuals receiving government aid, curbs placed on capitalism's excesses, women rallying to expose discrimination and abuse, or minority Americans seeking a just and equal voice, at one time or another all these have been charged as being communist.

Critical race theory doesn't replace American history. It does add a more inclusive picture of racial attitudes and how race has favored some and worked against others. The horrors of slavery, the convict labor system and lynchings in the Jim Crow era, the struggle for voting rights, "red-lining" and school segregation, all these and more shaped and continue to shape American racial attitudes.

"Singularity is attractive — and misleading," yet to offer alternatives such as CRT is apparently Marxist.

Grady S. Burgner



No 'conservative' in state GOP

Tennessee's cabal of so-called "Republican conservative" House and Senate Trumpatarians and apparently our governor have legislatively conceded their disregard for any notion of constitutional conservatism.

With these buffoons at the helm, more than 650 Hamilton County residents and more than 16,350 Tennessee residents have died from COVID. More than 52,600 Hamilton County residents and more than 102,000 Tennesseans have been confirmed to have had the disease. With those statistics our legislators, with the apparent support of Gov. Lee, have stripped any local authority for controlling the pandemic and instead donated it to themselves.

They have also chosen to take away the authority from locally elected district attorneys and put that in the centralized hands of their leader, "Chairman Lee."

They are not just socialists. Apparently they are attempting to create a single, centralized party power structure. I've seen that before. It was called "national socialism," "Nazi" for short.

Conservatism is not based on fundamental dishonesty. Conservatism is based on adherence to the Constitution. Conservatism is based on adherence to the fundamental principles on which this country was founded.

Why don't they stop all the "big lies," actually read the U.S. Constitution and become conservatives?

Hank Hill