Republicans an obstacle to American progress

We finally have a plan to fix our crumbling infrastructure. President Biden has fought all odds, mainly Republicans, to accomplish this.

It will mean thousands of good-paying jobs for the middle class and provide much-needed services for our rural communities. Chattanooga needs this as much as any city. When we drive anywhere, there are potholes and rough roads. It will bring broadband to those who have been left out of the high-tech revolution.

Republicans have fought any bill that might take our country forward. Their only goal now is power for power's sake. Unfortunately, those who have not traveled outside of the U.S., or their own county, don't realize how archaic our airports and train lines are. Our bridges are dangerous, as was demonstrated by the near-fatal flaw in Memphis.

We must work together with a common goal to make the United States safe for all our citizens We have one party that is working to make this happen and one party that is obstructing everything that might help the average citizen. Instead, they are just catering to the top 1%.

Dolores Benton

Signal Mountain


Today's communicators emphasize differences

Why are there seemingly unbridgeable gulfs between us today? The answer lies in communications.

I'm an old veteran (Korean War); I've worked in China, Japan, Saudi Arabia, South Korea, Mexico, Canada and more in the "dark ages" before the birth of the internet. I was using ARPANet when the term "World Wide Web" was invented.

I've been a programmer and website creator; today I use several computers, so I qualify as one of the first "nerds." My perspective is far from that of most of today's younger population; it's all about communications, news, reporting. Communications driven by those paid to emphasize differences, not the good similarities.

Headlines written to inflame, rather than simply tell the content of an article; breathless voices on TV eagerly proclaiming chaos. So just stop!

Bill Laudeman

Red Bank


Soldiers, families are hardly bereft

I have been in the military for over 20 years. Your article about military families does not mention average income for lower enlisted personnel is $2,000 a month. But that doesn't include basic housing allowance ($1,500 to $4,500/month).

Soldiers and their families do not have to pay for health insurance, get child care, 30 days paid vacation, tuition assistance and more. That averages to over $20 an hour, if you base it on a 40-hour week (average when units not deployed).

The biggest reason soldiers have financial issues is irresponsibility. If they want a new car, they don't need a credit history, just an enlistment contract since the companies know here is someone with a guaranteed income for four years.

The average junior enlisted soldier is 19 years old and has never lived on his own, been married or raised a family. The incentive to get married is huge — more money and not having to live in the barracks. In the current economy, many women or men know this and prey on soldiers.

Bottom line: You can live off military pay. People earn less and have no problems.

William Hubers

East Ridge


The GOP will bring violence to elections

The midterm election year is almost here. Prepare yourself for Republican Party chaos. What happened on Jan. 6 was the most accurate expression of what Republican voters really want. Get ready for much worse.

Republicans know they have no policies — just hatred, anger and racism. So they try to undermine our electoral process through intimidation. That violence, expressed at local school board meetings across America, is happily embraced by Republicans.

When independent election officials confirm the validity of legal votes by Democrats, Republicans will enlist their enforcers to threaten or harm citizens.

By his actions, Trump proudly tells Republican voters he is a hate-filled insurrectionist determined to destroy democracy. His daily expressions show how much of a deplorable human being he is. Republican voters love him.

They have made it very clear they will vote for him again. And why not? After all, he is "one of them."

Jonathan D. Nessle


Shades of cheating are still cheating

Cheating is cheating. Maybe not under man's law but under God's law.

For example, Aaron Rodgers (enough said); Vols' opposition faking an injury to slow down UT's up-tempo offense; a quarterback throwing the ball out of bounds to avoid a sack; Trump stacking the court at the last minute to curry favor; a cop getting a free cup of coffee every day from a business and then favoring them in a dispute; or celebrities bribing officials to get their kids into an elite college.

Some of these are more serious than others, but you get my drift.

Harry Sholl

East Ridge


State rep shows ugly side of hate

I was intrigued but also deeply offended by the report in a recent TFP that stated Rep. Chris Todd, R-Madison, has accused Bethany Children's Services of human trafficking.

Obviously, Todd does not know or understand what human trafficking really means, and what it entails. I find it significant that there is no mention in the article of the involvement of the TBI in this case or of Second Life, here in Chattanooga, two agencies deeply involved in the fight against human trafficking.

Obviously, Todd is showboating. He grabbed an ugly term and couched his support statement as a defense of innocent children, but we should not be fooled. His objection and that of the other Republicans quoted in your article is that Bethany Agency is involved in the housing and transporting to new facilities of immigrant children, separated from their parents.

His concern is not so much for the safety of the children as for the prosecuting of any agency involved in the housing and protection of immigrant children in Tennessee.

I believe Todd won't be happy about the situation of this group of children until they are out of the state.

Katheryn A. Thompson