Time to grow up and take responsibility

A recent letter to the editor noted a Christian response to COVID — "It's all up to God" — which reminded me painfully of the story in which flood victims clinging to a rooftop send away a boat and a helicopter, saying God will save them. After drowning, they upbraid God, who replies in exasperation, "I sent you a boat and a helicopter; what did you expect?"

By saying it's up to God in a state that won't take advantage of vaccines and fights requiring masks that have been proven to protect us, those with this attitude are sending away aid provided by God through the intelligence of God's children. And while we are all children of God, it's certainly within the realm of possibility that God expects of his children what wise humans expect of theirs — to grow up, quit leaving everything to Mom and Dad, and do what they can for themselves. We have our own intelligence and scientists who know how to deal with pathogens; let's grow up, do what we can, and rethink the abdication of responsibility that strands us in helplessness and keeps us from becoming adult children of God.

Dabney Carden

Signal Mountain


Still any room for the reasonable?

Most editorials I've read lately seem to believe if you think a certain way, you can only be a Democrat, and if another, only a Republican. Period, no room for blending the two.

What if you support LGBTQ rights but are against men in women's sports or using the ladies' bathroom? Pro choice but with protections for the unborn, like maybe only abort during the first three to six months? For immigration but legally with controlled borders as most sane nations of the world do? Making it easy to vote but requiring minimal voter ID so somebody doesn't vote 15 times in the same election? Helping the less fortunate but not providing unwarranted handouts for everyone, forever? Pro-government services but against unfathomable government debt? A believer in the vaccine but not in government mandates?

What are you then? Reasonable, perhaps?

Mike Wolford



Rethinking Milley's White House actions

I initially supported Gen. Mark Milley's protecting the "nuclear football" from President Trump and of calling China. However, I got nervous as I thought about it.

Could the military be entering politics where it would control the outcome?

Could we have coups like happened in Myanmar and several Latin American countries where the military takes over and runs the country? The Jan. 6 insurrection could cause the military to rethink how it does things.

Keep watch. If "you see something, say something!"

Joel Blake


Uphold our newly won gun rights

The recent slight rise in gun violence cannot be allowed to interfere with the newly won right to the constitutional carry of firearms for self defense by law-abiding Tennesseans. There should be no precipitant action on the part of any local government officials to infringe on our hard-won right to carry arms without arbitrary permit requirements of any sort. We cannot allow the actions of a few deranged, violent individuals to ruin the Second Amendment right to unfettered self-defense of law-abiding people that we have finally achieved.

The only real and practical solution to a problem like this is the more vigorous enforcement of the laws we have by increased police presence and patrols in areas where demographic factors have caused localized increases in violent crime. There are hundreds of thousands of law-abiding citizens in Tennessee who between them own hundreds of thousands of guns and literally millions of rounds of ammunition. If we were a problem, everyone would know it.

We cannot allow "summit" meetings featuring anti-gun hysteria to prevail here.

Richard W. Shultz


Biden failing at main responsibility

The first responsibility of a president of the United States is to provide for the safety and security of the citizens of our country. Joe Biden appears to be oblivious to this obligation.

He appears to be more interested in enabling enemies of the U.S. to be strengthened and revived. These include Russia, China, Iran, the Taliban, ISIS, drug runners, human traffickers, MS-13 gang members, and illegal immigrants. He is doing a yeoman's job at aiding and abetting all of these, while he is doing a totally failing job at protecting the security of the entire U.S. population.

Why else would a president open our Southern border and allow virtually anyone, including potential terrorists, criminals and gang members, to walk right in with hardly any screening? Why would he welcome thousands of Haitians into the interior of our country to spike the spread of COVID?

Why else would he leave billions of dollars of military equipment to the enemy Taliban? And why would he plan the withdrawal of our forces in Afghanistan in such as way to leave hundreds of Americans behind to face certain torture and possibly death?

J. Johns

Ringgold, Ga.


'Moscow Mitch' does no more than obstruct

Newt Gingrich was the original Republican obstructionist of our modern day, dysfunctional United States Congress. Long before Mitch McConnell stated his only goal as the majority leader of the Republican Party was to obstruct everything Barack Obama attempted, there was Gingrich obstructing everything Clinton proposed. His obstruction obsession was applauded quietly by Republicans, but at the end of the day the real powers within Congress dulled his grandstanding in order to actually pass meaningful legislation that was needed for America at the time.

Today, we have the grand wizard of obstructionists, "Moscow Mitch." I imagine McConnell denying his grandkids cookies just because he can, then reminiscing about kids and cookies back in the 1800s.

His depravity of soul and spine have marked his party as one of the most destructive of American heart and spirit for more than 20 years now, and he has bred and stroked a classless body of younger, like-minded souls to obstruct and grandstand for years to come. Apparently and sadly, this mimics our hapless society held back by those who aid and abet the likes of Donald Trump and his minions. So sad that obstructing progress has become the only thing that the Republicans are capable of.

John Mathna


Why won't more in TV encourage vaccines?

I am grateful to David Carroll, Latrice Currie, Joi Dukes and Allison Pryor for encouraging Channel 3 viewers to get vaccinated against COVID.

It is deeply disappointing that others with similar standing in the community have not taken to the airwaves to urge the unvaccinated to take advantage of a safe, painless and free shot to protect themselves and others from the deadly virus.

Carolyn Mitchell


Longtime TFP reader will miss print edition

One of my saddest days will be the one when I no longer get my morning paper. It has been a wonderful part of my life as far back as I can remember. I love the newspaper and really believe it's the best one in the state — or anywhere, especially the puzzles. I cannot throw away a paper that has an unworked puzzle.

Since I am a dinosaur who does nothing digital, please make me the last subscriber to lose my paper.

Jacque Benderman