Bring back FAA rule to support travelers

This past weekend Southwest Airlines canceled more than 1,800 flights, and more than 1,000 were delayed. On Monday more than 350 flights were canceled. Many passengers are still stranded. Southwest blamed the problems on weather, air traffic control and staffing. Since other airlines didn't make the news with similar problems, it seems reasonable to believe Southwest's problems were self-induced.

Years ago, FAA rule 240 would have required Southwest to rebook delayed passengers on the next available flight, regardless of airline or cost. Those were the good old days before deregulation and consolidation allowed airlines to nickel and dime passengers at every opportunity.

Most airlines do not have cooperative agreements to assist stranded passengers. It's time to bring back FAA rule 240.

As an aside, if there are any investigative reporters out there, look into why Congress hasn't forced the issue. Could it be that our congressional representatives are flagged by TSA and airlines and are rebooked as a "courtesy" and therefore are never stranded like us mere mortals?

Jack Zollinger


Honor Phillips, Meyer for memorial role too

I agree with a recent letter writer who said that without attorney Leroy Phillips' input, the Ed Johnson story would have never been told.

Phillips' book, "Contempt of Court," brought to light the Ed Johnson story.

Phillips also filed a successful petition in Criminal Court Judge Doug Meyer's court requesting that Johnson be found innocent of the charges for which he was lynched.

I would like to see plaques installed at the Johnson Memorial to recognize and honor Phillips and Meyer for the roles they played in this story and memorial.

It would also show a unity in the races that brought about this memorial.

Russell Bean


UTC Mocs deserve more media attention on TV

I want everybody to know in Chattanooga that we have a great college here — the University of Tennessee at Chattanooga. We have a great football and basketball program. It seems to me that local television stations are unaware of it. They report and show other schools like UT, Georgia, Alabama. They are great schools, too, but we have a great school right here. It would be so nice to give our team, the Mocs, some TV time, like the high school teams.

The TFP does a good job supporting the Mocs. Please, other media, give this some thought. This is our own college and they need our support.

Betsy McCullough

Ringgold, Ga.