Support the paper in whatever form

I, too, will miss the morning ritual of holding a newspaper in my hand, but on the other hand, I know I cannot do without local media to keep me informed. The pain of it is having to embrace the fact that there's no going back after the CTFP goes electronic, but then, whatever it takes for the newspaper to survive.

Paper or tablet, we need those talented journalists who ask hard questions, follow the trail of moral corruption and malfeasance. What would we do without independent investigations and oversight that hold the public and policymakers accountable. Would you even know that Chattanooga accidentally paid an employee $45,000?

And report good news, too.

Can't say I'm looking forward to the conversion to tablets, but I'll roll with the times and keep supporting local media, however it may come. In a chaotic world, we need that knowledge and understanding of what's happening around us.

Kerry Lansford


Readers skittish about digital switch

I don't know what we will do when the print version of the paper ceases.

My wife and I have been longtime subscribers. After breakfast, we usually spend an hour or more with coffee, spreading the paper out on the table, and swapping sections of the newspaper. I often circle or underline things for her to note. She points to articles in the section she is then reading, suggesting I look at them during my turn. It is not uncommon for us to cut out articles to save or pass on to others.

Having a tablet would be akin to having a pet. What do we do with it when not in use, powering it up and shutting it down, making sure its battery is charged, etc?

There is little depth or detail in the local or national news on TV (basically only headlines and commercials we can't overlook). About the only thing we do with a computer is email, and going to a desktop to read the paper is not an option we would choose.

Donald Box



Congress needs subpoena follow-up

I am increasingly concerned that Congress should follow through on enforcing subpoenaed former Trump associates.

If I were subpoenaed, I would expect to be arrested for noncompliance.

Talk radio and Fox News are complicit in advocating "the big lie." Would anyone in their right mind re-elect a serial liar? Don't blame me. I voted for Biden.

Mike Bodine



Vintage Base Ball thanks supporters

Vintage Base Ball has enjoyed playing on the historic polo field in Fort Oglethorpe, sharing the game of baseball as it was originally played, and growing our fan base since 2015. Over the years, we've seen support from the city, 6th Cavalry Museum, the neighbors on Barnhardt Circle, our fans, local businesses and this newspaper.

We're looking forward to next season and wanted to thank everyone who has helped make our seasons so memorable and spent time cheering on the Lightfoot and Mountain City clubs of the Tennessee Association of Vintage Base Ball.

Heath Farris, Lightfoot Club captain

John Hixson, Mountain City Club captain