I don't want Trump to be back in office

This is in response to the recent letter, "Rethinking Milley's White House Actions."

I understand the writer's concern about the military entering politics. He wondered if a coup like what happened in Myanmar could happen here. I'm guessing he is not aware that the convicted (and pardoned) former national security adviser, retired Gen. Mike Flynn, advocated for exactly that at the "For God and Country Patriot Roundup" a few months back.

He said a military overthrow of the government, like Myanmar, "should happen here." Additionally, he had advised Trump to declare martial law and let the military re-run the election in some states. Thankfully, although Trump was interested, he got too much pushback from his advisers and dropped it. Milley's motive was to prevent a possible coup, but what if Flynn had been chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff?

As I see it, the Constitution is a worthless piece of paper without legislators (and their voters) willing to enforce it. The Liz Cheneys and Mitt Romneys are a definite minority in today's Republican Party. No, I'm not happy with Joe Biden, but the thought of another four years of Trump absolutely terrifies me.

Nancy Bishop

Birchwood, Tenn.


Paty recommended for another term

During my 34-year legal career, I have had the privilege to practice and to appear before the Chattanooga City Council and City Court Judge Sherry Paty, who has served on the bench for 17 years.

Over the years, I have watched our council consistently demonstrate both strong leadership and a sincere focus on doing what is best for our city. Accordingly, I trust its decision to eliminate one of the two divisions of city court. Judge Russell Bean will be missed as he embarks next year on a well-deserved retirement.

In making the decision to double the workload of Chattanooga's lone, remaining judge, our council has acknowledged extraordinary trust and confidence in Paty — and with good cause.

She possesses the experience, maturity and judicial temperament necessary to capably manage the larger caseload while still affording every citizen who appears before her the consideration and respect each of us deserves.

I am certain she will successfully rise to the challenge and that every Chattanooga citizen who appears before her will continue to receive the benefit of her experience, skill and work ethic.

I will be grateful and thankful to see Paty serve another term.

Michael C. Mallen


Only Republican priority is absolute power

For the second time in our 245-year-old history, our republic is facing a threat that could be our undoing. The attempt to overthrow a free and fair election is still hovering over our body politic. The complete collapse of the GOP is endangering our ability to govern in a manner that is best for our country. The GOP's only goal is retaining absolute power, not to tend to the needs of our citizens.

Their misinformation, straight-up lies, and fear campaign have left many fighting for their very lives in what could be and should be the greatest country on earth. Doctors, nurses, teachers, school board members, airline personnel face a challenge every day to just do their jobs. Mobs attack them in their homes, in hospitals and in schools.

Fox and Facebook have left many questioning science, medical advice and even what is being taught in our schools. This is worse than Nazi Germany because we are not destitute and have every amenity available to man. Half of our citizens have chosen to follow the path of lies, fear and hate.

Dolores Benton

Signal Mountain