No visible progress under Biden and his team

We've replaced the narcissistic bully with a bumbling, second-rate political hack. After nine months of the new administration, how are things going? Below are just a few of the new administration's accomplishments:

* Gas and home heating fuel prices are at record highs.

* Consumer goods prices have skyrocketed; products are becoming scarce.

* A bungled withdrawal from Afghanistan humiliated us.

* Violent crime is at record levels; law enforcement continues to be vilified.

* Our economy is still struggling because of government COVID-19 mandates and payments that disincentivize returning to work.

* The unvarnished facts about COVID vaccines, immunity and therapeutics are still cloudy because of political agendas and huge potential profits for pharmaceutical companies.

* School curricula have become a huge issue, and the rights of parents to have input is being questioned.

It is becoming apparent, even to the mainstream media, that the Biden administration is struggling. The Biden administration is full of inept Obama administration retreads and rookie woke zealots. This group would have trouble running a school bake sale, let alone guiding the greatest country on earth.

Jeff Fisher


Biden and Co. should resign to save country

President Joe, I am 83 years young, living on a fixed income, along with my wife. We are in the poverty level of income, according to the federal government. We, along with millions of Americans, are having a hard time finding money to buy gasoline to fill our car and truck.

Now, I know you put a halt to the new pipeline soon after you became president. That was your first big boo-boo. Then you want OPEC to increase oil production, which it rejected. Now we Americans are paying a seven-year high for gasoline. We cannot afford an EV.

Then you made a bad, bad decision in Kabul in closing the air base and getting the troops out. You left Americans behind. Also, you put your trust in the Taliban and left billions of dollars of weaponry and equipment to our enemy. Bad.

The American economy is hurting. It's costing more to feed the country. I think you and your cohorts Kamala, Jen, Nancy and Chuck all should resign before you ruin this great nation.

Bud Conway

Whitwell, Tenn.


Fleischmann missed forest for the trees

It's interesting when a politician releases a statement intended to prove his concern for voters while ignoring a development likely to render his alarm pointless.

Speaking of Rep. Chuck Fleischmann ...

In Thursday's Times Free Press, Fleischmann announced he opposes a White House proposal requiring financial organizations to report deposits or withdrawals of $600 or more. It is an attempt to make it easier to block vast amounts of money from being deposited in accounts outside the United States, thus reducing the depositors' taxes.

That figure is likely to increase since it is roughly a third of most families' monthly mortgage payment. But the proposal reflects the alarm by many members of Congress that tax avoidance is a significant factor driving up the national debt.

A six-paragraph article in The New York Times's Thursday business section is worth noting:

It said that IRS Commissioner Charles Rettig, testifying to the Senate Finance Committee, estimated the nation is "losing $1 trillion in unpaid taxes every year, partly because the agency lacks the resources to catch tax cheats."

That's a sharp increase from 2011 to 2013, when the average unpaid tax avoidance was $441 billion a year. Rettig added that "most of the unpaid taxes are the result of evasion by the wealthy and large corporations."

If Fleischmann is so concerned about those he calls "hard-working Americans," why not work to reduce that "tax gap"?

Michael Loftin