Stand against bank monitoring

In response to the Oct. 17 letter about Chuck Fleischmann not wanting the government to monitor every bank transaction: Would you like the government to know how you spend every penny? How will this catch billionaire tax cheats who have lawyers to help them put their money in other countries? The government has no right to demand this. As someone on disability and caretaker to my mother, I don't want the government to know what I spend, even if it's less than the $600 limit.

Since I'm on disability and SSI, I'm already monitored to make sure I don't have $2,000 in my account. One emergency would take care of that in a hurry if I had it. How fair is that, especially since inflation is reducing my check? I can understand the IRS wants to catch tax cheats, but Democrats are creating that situation by raising taxes and making it easier for people to stay home and collect unemployment. We don't need a bigger government but a smaller one without as much control over us.

Look at history. You will see every socialist government has done this. I hope more people will stand up against it.

Bobby Stanley


Charge people who give others COVID

We just lost an incredible American. He was a good man, a great soldier and a thoughtful, intelligent person. He served his country in so many ways. And he was possibly murdered by a covidiot. Gen. Colin Powell's immune system was compromised, and someone gave him COVID, which took his life.

Maybe it is time to start holding covidiots responsible for the damage they cause. If leaving a gun unattended that results in a toddler killing his mother is worthy of a charge of negligent homicide, it is time to charge those who refuse to get vaccinated with negligent homicide when they infect innocent people, especially when they infect immunocompromised people like Powell. I would suggest other covidiots like our governor and members of the legislature who call other legislators "medical Nazis" also be charged when people who have taken their spouting as truth die as a result. We can beat this virus, but it takes common sense and vaccinations.

I didn't get polio, possibly because I got the vaccine. It is time for people who are covidiots to stop killing innocent people because they, the covidiots, won't get a vaccine that has proven effective.

James M. Hemsley


Powell's cause of death challenged

I think it's an insult to the memory of Gen. Powell to say that he "died of COVID."

The tough old soldier had been battling a vicious form of cancer for many years, but he managed to live to a ripe old age before it — not COVID — finally took him out. People sometimes have respiratory difficulties in their final days, and various pathogens might opportunistically attack a weakened immune system (which he had), but these are not the ultimate cause of death, and we should not pretend otherwise. They might be the "top line" on the death certificate, but not the true cause.

Mike Robinson

Chickamauga, Ga.