Trump and his followers will be viewed as treasonous

Though decidedly illogical, Republican extremists still adhere to Trump's claim of a stolen election — without a shred of evidence — and support his "Big Lie."

Trump's attorneys petitioned dozens of federal judges. His petitions were rejected. The judges said the petitions had no merit.

On Jan. 6 Trump instigated the riots on the Capitol, resulting in destruction of property and a killing. Their objective was to replace a duly elected President Biden with a defeated Trump. It was an attempt to overturn a legal election. This is treason.

Trump is a cult leader; all of this will be regarded by historians as an American disaster.

John Bratton


Replace income, other taxes with a flat tax

Change to a VAT (value-added tax) or a flat tax. Everybody would have to pay, and the IRS could be brought down to size. We would not need to increase its budget; in fact, it could be cut a bunch. If Republicans are smart, this would be their platform.

I bet a huge number of people would support this. A greatly smaller number of IRS agents would be needed. Think of how many trees could be saved by less paper being used!

Charles Mason


We must overcome child care problems

Child care challenges are impacting families, businesses, schools and communities. Together, we must address these challenges in order to help the community we live in. Our economy depends on a functioning workforce. When Mom cannot find child care for her children, Mom can't work. Paula, a nurse practitioner, has two children. One is school age and the other an infant. Paula has to travel a great distance for child care. There have been percentages posted that suggest about 50% or more of families seeking child care cannot find adequate child care. The term used is "child care desert." Can something be done? Can something be done that will serve the entire community? Let us suggest a beginning for discussion. One person cannot solve this problem.

In my community, there are four churches within walking distance of my home. These churches could be the child care facilities located in many neighborhoods. Retired people live in many communities. Could this population help solve the problem of finding child care workers? There are many challenges, but the collective of interested people could solve this problem.

Robert Brooks


Fort Oglethorpe urged to re-elect Stinnett

In today's world not only is voting a privilege, but it is also a right that should not be taken for granted. The municipal general election in the city of Fort Oglethorpe has early voting through Oct. 29, with Election Day Nov. 2 at City Hall.

The incumbent, Councilwoman Paula G. Stinnett, also serving as mayor pro tem, has held this position for eight successful years. While serving, she created the Fort Oglethorpe Veteran & Citizen Council, which in turn created Honor Park. She's also a board member and volunteer for the Family Crisis Center, Sixth Cavalry Museum, Historic Preservation Committee, Tree City U.S.A. and Purple Heart City. She was also the Georgia Forestry Elected Official of the Year. She is a staunch supporter of the police department, fire department and all city departments and employees.

I urge all my friends to support Paula and her bid to again serve the good people of Fort Oglethorpe.

Bob Dial