Delay vote on new county district map

On Wednesday, Hamilton County commissioners finally got serious about redistricting and worked until 4 p.m. to better define the proposed new 11-district map that will stand until 2030.

I applaud the commissioners' effort even though I know this marathon session was largely because of their self-imposed deadline of Nov. 2 for voting on these new boundaries. Is less than a week enough time for the public to review this new map?

I urge the commission to extend that deadline until at least Nov. 10 so everyone has time to take in the proposed changes that will be with us for 10 years. The new map can be viewed at

If residents have questions or concerns, they should notify their commissioner before Tuesday morning and ask that they delay this vote. There is time under Tennessee redistricting rules for more review if the public wants it.

Judy Powell


The 'Big Lie' will take us all down

Masses of deluded people, from the former president, to U.S. senators and representatives in Washington, down to elected officials at state and local levels, as well as hordes of befuddled citizen-voters, are all endorsing Trump's "Big Lie." Are any of these souls pondering or even caring where this path could lead the nation? And do they believe this tactic is solely theirs?

Might the day come when every election at every level will result in the losing side screaming "fraud!" and hordes of frothing citizens rioting? Might future headlines read, "Candidate Joe Blow proclaims the election rigged, and that he, not Nervous Norvis, is the true Dog-catcher!"

A follow-up story might report, "Out-manned police were attacked by a mob of armed rioters who stormed the animal shelter today."

We have taken a step onto this path, and must immediately jump back. Believers in Trump's "Big lie" should ponder, "Why do I believe, endorse, indeed worship, someone whose record from 1980 to now reveals multiple bankruptcies, loan defaults, broken contracts, three failed marriages, tax avoidance, stealing from his own charity, losing a $25 million lawsuit, milking his presidency and supporters as cash cows, abusing women and colluding with foreign dictators? Why, indeed!

Thomas Rodgers

Dayton, Tenn.


Supporting Stinnett in Fort Oglethorpe

I strongly support Paula Stinnett for re-election to the City Council of Fort Oglethorpe. She is a strong supporter of the United States military veterans and a true patriot.

I have worked with her on several projects for our veterans and know her as a highly capable and skilled leader who places people and the good of the community above all else. If elected, Ms. Stinnett will continue the fine work she has begun in the Fort Oglethorpe community. Election Day is Tuesday.

Ray Adkins