Why name bases after Confederates?

It amazes me that the United States named so many military bases after Confederates. The Confederate Army was the enemy of the United States, not a friend. Thankfully, the United States won the Civil War, and the 11 states that seceded all came back to the fold.

So what was the reason the U.S. decided to name military bases after an enemy? Do we have a base named Hitler Air Field, or Eichmann Naval Air Station? Don't think so. It's time to change the names of Fort Pickett, Fort Bragg and all the others!

Pat Hagan

Rossville, Ga.


Reader unhappy with Fleischmann

With a recent vote in the House, we see the true color of our congressman. He will never allow his constituents to know the full truth around the events of the Jan. 6 insurrection.

As we are now almost a full year from the last general election, we find our congressman still engaged in the cover-up for his cult leader. It is so very sad that the citizens of the 3rd District in Tennessee are represented by a man of the stature of Chuck Fleischmann. He has not explained his reasoning behind the decision to vote no on the contempt charge against Steve Bannon. The fact is, as I see it, there is no plausible reason for Mr. Fleischmann's vote, except that he desires to keep all the players in the insurrection unaccountable to the American people.

Dennis Foxworth



Climate change worry? Listen to 'Crazy Town'

Spiritual teacher Pema Chodron encourages us to smile at fear rather than running from what scares us. As someone who regularly feels afraid of the current and future impacts of climate change and simultaneously feels powerless to do much about it, I have found the podcast "Crazy Town" to be immensely helpful in turning my fear into a grin, while offering a highly informative overview of the causes, costs and potential solutions to the climate crisis.

The three hosts, all connected with the Post Carbon Institute in Corvallis, Ore., bring impressive insight and refreshing, albeit decidedly low-brow, humor to this most serious and disheartening subject. Asher, Jason and Rob are honest, searching, provocative and occasionally laugh-out-loud funny. It's one of the few podcasts I listen to as soon as a new episode becomes available.

We need to prepare ourselves however we can for the ongoing and increasing changes resulting from climate change. "Crazy Town" is an excellent resource for the kind of preparation we need.

L.B. Blackwell


Thank Eberle for road to recreation

One day [former Chattanooga City Commissioner] Jim Eberle came by my house and asked me what the deal was about all the land from Lupton Drive all the way to the river. I told him that it was given to the school board by a very generous family to be used for recreational purposes only, and that the school board said we, the members of Dupont/Rivermont Dixie Youth, could have it for ball fields, but we could not get in to it.

He looked at me and said, "You mean, all you need is a road to it?" The next time you turn off Lupton Drive to go down to the beautiful ball fields, tennis courts or just to fish, remember how you got there and say, "Thanks, Jim." Because without him it would still be just a big old field.

I just want all to remember how if you build it they will come.

Bobby McKeel


Lock up Trump; he's the guilty one

Lamentably, the Republican Party continues to bind itself to Donald Trump, the most conflict-ridden leader our country has had. To those still attached to him, think about what you are validating. It is reported he has been involved in many lawsuits, two impeachments, two divorces, six bankruptcies, and sexual misconduct encounters, and is teetering on tax evasion. If any American citizen had committed one of these acts, he would be in jail. Which opens the big question: Is there justice in our judicial system, or do money and fame purchase favorable outcomes? Reflect about what has occurred across the country when the common person has been given jail time for, let's say, possession of marijuana.

Further, evaluate the times the common person has confronted court-imposed fines, along with jail time, for offenses that wouldn't rise to the level of those committed by Trump. Yet, while drawing a taxpayer pension along with an expense account and other perks, he is still favored by many as he travels around the country, spewing out hate and divisiveness while endangering democracy. So, in the short run, let's lock up and impose a fine for the demonstrably guilty person — Donald Trump.

Johnny Jones



City, county taxes put squeeze on seniors

Retired seniors can run out of options when the government at all levels comes after the dollars you have worked all your life to save. You are conservative, you save, you get yourself mortgage free. You cover yourself with all the proper insurances, even extended care so you are not a burden on anyone. You stay conservative on investments because you cannot afford to lose. That means lower percentage gains that barely keep up with inflation.

Considering all the above, I consider myself very fortunate. Chattanooga is a reasonably affordable city. Now they have raised my property taxes 17% in this year alone. The value of my home is up, but that makes no difference unless you sell.

The city is buying a motel for the homeless. Do they also care about older folks who may have to give up their homes because of excessive taxes?

Very soon you will be a senior and will experience where I am now.

Thomas Leach