Biden between 'Oz' and 'Twilight Zone'

Welcome to Oz! But Joe Biden is certainly no "wizard behind the curtain." After the incredibly botched Afghanistan withdrawal, Biden took no real responsibility. He said that the "buck stopped with him," but then proceeded to take back 99 cents in change from that "buck," and blamed everyone but himself.

Biden also says we have "over the horizon" capabilities to deal with terrorists. More likely, those so-called capabilities only exist "somewhere, over the rainbow," where Judy Garland lives along with the survival chances of abandoned Americans and Afghan allies.

Biden followed that up by looking at his watch during a ceremony for our fallen soldiers' arrival at Dover Air Force Base. After each casket was removed from the plane, Biden glanced at his watch — every time — according to the father of one of the fallen service members.

Since we now seem to be living in some sort of "Twilight Zone" version of Oz, it appears that Biden is playing the parts of both the Scarecrow (who needed a brain) and the Tin Man (who had no heart) — all rolled into one. What's his next act the Cowardly Lion of the border crisis?

Tony Scott

Signal Mountain


Latta was incredible Hospice employee

After reading last Sunday's letter to the editor, I also would like to thank Susan Latta, former director of bereavement at Hospice of Chattanooga. I am a longtime social worker. Susan has been a mentor and role model for me for over 19 years. She lives to serve others, providing comfort and compassion to those who grieve. She is the one our community calls on in a crisis. She created the Healing Hearts group for children that met twice a month as well as summer camps for grieving children and teens. She helped guide me and my family through a very difficult and sudden death, responding quickly with love and support. She volunteered many hours in helping teach others. I know all my colleagues respect and believe her to be the one to reach out to when struggling with grief and bereavement.

Susan's departure from Hospice should be reconsidered.

Sherry Campbell

Rossville, Ga.


Dems' gorilla mask the new KKK hood

What did the California recall vote teach us? That the gorilla mask is the new KKK hood.

A white protester wearing a gorilla mask can throw an egg at a conservative minority gubernatorial candidate (Larry Elder) with no consequences. This seems to imply the protester believes all minority people who don't agree with them are lower order primates.

But this act is more. It's a window into the woke, progressive soul, the soul of the Democratic Party. It was silent on this act of bigotry.

Democrats beg the minority community every election for support. They promise everything. After the election, nothing. They go back to their gated communities with their refrigerators full of ice cream, confident they are the enlightened ones — they know better. God help the minority person who dares to challenge them. They'll put on their gorilla masks (hoods?) and demonstrate. Get out the fire hoses! Release the dogs!

American history involving the sinful treatment of minorities was done almost exclusively by Democrats. They have found the enemy, and it is them.

Bill Bastenbeck

Dayton, Tenn.