God's wrath on U.S. is just beginning

God shut down Bonnaroo, New Orleans, Sodom and Gomorrah, and you could be next. Who would have thought that God would send a hurricane all the way to Manchester, Tenn., to shut down a bunch of potheads, drunks and fornicating youth? One of the largest music festivals in Europe, offering the same milieu, was flattened to the ground by a violent storm as party revelers fled for their lives.

Who am I to make such an accusation? I have been preaching Jesus at Bonnaroo every year since it began. I know exactly what goes on at Bonnaroo.

It's going to get worse. God has just started on the people of America.

Michael Siemer


Self-destruction is not a right

Many beliefs deny people the right to choose suicide. If your God has forbidden self-destruction and you accept the teachings of that God, the question does not arise.

Well, there is always the question of what actually constitutes suicide, which might be important to a person of faith. A reasonable definition of suicide would be that a person knowingly undertakes action with the intention to kill himself or herself. For instance, a doctor is asked to administer a lethal drug in order for the person to commit suicide. On the other hand, running into a burning building with the hope of saving a child, but the person ends up losing his or her life instead.

During the terrorist attack on the twin towers Sept. 11, 2001, about 200 people jumped from the windows to escape the blazing fire. The official record of the New York City medical office gave the cause of death as homicide from burning-building trauma and not suicide because of the action of the terrorists that resulted in their deaths.

If we believe in the existence of God, self-destruction is not a right. God commands, "Thou shalt not kill."

Amos Taj



Not sold on iPad conversion plan

I have been receiving your newspaper for years and years. My carrier (Donna) is so sweet; she hangs the paper on my door. I look forward to it every morning: I drink my coffee, watch Channel 9 news till 5, then switch to Fox.

I can't see doing this on an iPad. I have an iPad and never use it, only my cellphone.

Most older people don't use any form of computers, much less iPads. They will not be glad to see this change.

So I plan to drop the paper when this starts and only get the Sunday edition. I will get it at the newsstand or find a paper seller at a street corner.

Big advantage: I will save money. Sunday will be good enough for me.

No iPad for me.

Janis Holsomback