Matt Hullander's 'we' over 'me' is a plus

I love the "big" city feel with the "small" town courtesy of Hamilton County. I am a real estate appraiser. I understand the importance of having a team around me with a goal of providing the best service at the least cost.

That's why when I met Matt Hullander, I was impressed. He told a little bit about himself at first, then spoke of the importance of team building. He said that instead of "I" that "we" is the better way to think. His vision is key people in positions of education, law enforcement, health care, public works, etc. He wants transparency and "we" the citizens to be a part of this team. He wants to give the power back to us to decide where our tax dollars are spent.

He has proven this works within the private sector and will continue that as our county mayor. This will sustain the growth, and increase the median salaries for all residents as we work toward a common goal. Matt Hullander has my vote because he has a vision that begins with "we" instead of "me."

Chuck Martin



Vote for Dumitru for Circuit Court judge

As a practicing lawyer for over 50 years, District Attorney for 22 years, Criminal Court Judge, and attorney with a major law firm, I have come in contact with many fine attorneys. Michael Dumitru is one of the very best. Michael is a candidate for Circuit Court Judge and I hope you will vote for him

Michael is extremely bright, hard-working, dedicated, and honest. These are traits a good trial judge needs. What sets Michael apart is that in addition to these qualities, he possesses a genuine love of people .all of themand this leads to his open mind and insightful understanding of people's problems. This quality is the essential characteristic of the best judges.

Michael Dumitru will be one of those "best judges" if you elect him.

We in Hamilton County will be very lucky to have Michael Dumitru as our Circuit Court Judge

Gary Gerbitz


Appoint Charlie Hunt to commission seat

My friend, Charlie Hunt, has agreed to seek appointment to the recently vacated District 3 County Commission seat. I along with several of his friends have encouraged him to seek this position because he is eminently qualified. I was Charlie's pastor for several years and his neighbor for more than twenty.

He is a good businessman and has extended himself selflessly in helping others. He has been active in multiple organizations including YCAP and CADAS. He is genuinely interested in people and will be accessible to his constituents. I would hope that his district gets to be served by this fine man. I commend him because I've known him as a good church member, a great neighbor and a true friend.

Fred Steelman


Robinson promoted for D10 school board

Faye Robinson is a candidate in District 10 for school board. I worked with Faye for more than 20 years. She was always honest, trustworthy, compassionate and a diligent co-worker. Faye will be a credit to District 10 and Hamilton County. Faye believes in reading, writing and arithmetic. She believes 2+2=4.

Faye believes that teachers should be held accountable for their leadership or lack of leadership. Faye believes that discipline is necessary and that parents have a right to know what is being taught. No, she does not believe in CRT. Faye has the well-being, safety and education of your children first and foremost.

Charles Schoocraft