Thomas', Meadows' texts are 'appalling'

Now that it has been revealed that the White House chief of staff and the wife of a Supreme Court justice were busily exchanging text messages in November 2020 about how they might assist efforts to overturn the presidential election results, it is important to examine those texts so that we might better understand the thought processes behind them.

"Help This Great President stand firm, Mark!!!" and "Evil always looks like the victor until the King of Kings triumphs" are two quotes from the texts. They read as if they were spoken at a rally by an especially ignorant political candidate (naming no names, of course) or by an undereducated preacher or other huckster. That they were written by two people close to holders of the highest offices in the United States government is appalling.

The American people have a right to expect that senior political officeholders and their close subordinates and family members should be thoughtful people, capable of expressing themselves maturely and professionally.

Communications between a senior White House official and the spouse of a Supreme Court Justice ought not to be as embarrassingly simple-minded as we see displayed in the Thomas/Meadows emails.

David Cofield

LaFayette, Ga.


Candidate Dumitru has right motivation

I am writing this letter to ask fellow Hamilton County residents to join me in supporting Mike Dumitru for Circuit Court Judge in the coming election.

Before I came to know Mike, I knew his wife Jessica (Raz) as a friend. Over lunch one day she told me that Mike was running, I asked if I could talk to him personally about his reasons for wanting to become a judge and his stances on particular issues that are important to me. He met me that week over coffee and answered all my questions honestly and earnestly, and he has done this all through his campaign with anyone who wanted to meet with him.

What impressed me the most was that his drive to run was his belief in service to the community. He has a true calling to abide fairly and with compassion to the law with open ears for all members of our community.

I believe that when a person is motivated by doing for others, it creates a better society. Mike Dumitru exemplifies that quality.

Please vote for Mike. Early voting for the May 3 election starts next Wednesday.

Meg O'Neill Cannon


Why I support Dunn for county judgeship

I am writing to express my support for Amanda Dunn for Hamilton County Criminal Court Judge. I have known Amanda for 18 years, and I have had the unique perspective of knowing her in several different roles. I have worked with her as an attorney on opposite sides of cases.

When I was a magistrate in the Hamilton County Juvenile Court, Amanda was an attorney who represented clients before me. I have served as a mediator in cases where Amanda represented a client. In each of these situations, I have watched Amanda under times of great stress and high stakes. In each of these interactions with Amanda, she has always been consistently prepared, professional, and honest. Amanda has treated opposing litigants with respect and dignity. Amanda also has a passion for getting things done — she sees a goal, and she pursues it.

Amanda has been consistent — consistently honest, hardworking and ethical. It has been an honor to know her and work with her all of these years, and I hope that you will elect her to this important position.

Misty L. Harris