Serious questions for Biden administration

Why do we continue to do nothing about our Southern border? Why do we send illegal aliens all over the U.S. without notifying state and local authorities? Why did President Biden put in his new budget $150 million to hire attorneys for these noncitizens? When are the Congress and the president going to fix the immigration laws, so they work and make sense?

Why don't we give the Ukrainians what they need to send the Russians packing? Why do we "slow walk" getting them what we said we would give them?

Why are we taking oil from our strategic oil reserves for the second time in less than a year? What is it going to take financially to make all federal vehicles, including military vehicles, electric in the next 10 years? When you are in a war, how are you going to recharge all your military vehicles? When are we going to make federal agencies (FBI, CIA, IRS, etc.) obey the law, not violate it?

Douglas K. Davis



Another alternative for homeless housing?

I wonder if it is possible to use the empty dorm buildings at the former Tennessee Temple University to house the homeless?

The buildings have been empty and unused since the college closed. They are heated, have bathroom, shower and laundry facilities, are off the streets and safe.

It's much better and respectful of the people than the open parking lot that the city is setting up.

Katheryn A. Thompson


Are Democrats to blame for Ukrainian blood?

In January of 1994, Democratic President Bill Clinton announced an agreement with Ukraine and Russia to dismantle Ukraine's entire nuclear arsenal, claiming the agreement to be "a hopeful historic breakthrough that enhances the security of all three participants."

(How is that working out for Ukraine now?)

At the time, Ukraine had 176 intercontinental missiles armed with some 1,240 nuclear warheads. It also had 592 nuclear warheads aboard bombers.

Under the agreement, Bill Clinton promised that the United States, Russia and Britain would provide security assurances for Ukraine.

Would Ukraine have been attacked if Clinton hadn't talked them out of their nukes? Probably not!

I see the blood of thousands of Ukrainians on Bill Clinton's hands and those who supported him.

Scripture says: "If you bid someone God speed, you are made a partaker in their evil deeds."

Putin sees a passive Democrat sitting in the Oval Office as an opportunity to conquer. Just as he did when Obama was in power and Putin invaded the former Soviet republic of Georgia.

Michael Siemer


Support Choose Home Care Act in Congress

The continuing COVID-19 pandemic has shown the limitations and risks of skilled nursing facilities. There is a better way to care for seriously ill Medicare beneficiaries after hospital discharge.

Fortunately, bipartisan lawmakers in Congress introduced legislation that would expand home-based care options for seniors in our community. This legislation, the Choose Home Care Act, would establish an additional patient-centered home health option called Choose Home to help meet seniors' comprehensive care needs.

Choose Home would offer extended care services in the comfort and convenience of a patient's home after hospitalization instead of requiring them to stay in a skilled nursing facility. It would also provide support, training and education for family caregivers.

I hope our state's lawmakers in Congress will resolve to support this important bipartisan legislation.

Cindy Brady

Palmer, Tenn.


Smith's 'superiority' now comedy gold

With the steady stream of wars, government-sponsored inflation, political suppression of free speech, cancel culture, Biden's mental fog, Kamala Harris's cackling, and Trump's megalomania, I could use some comic relief.

I'm asking the Times Free Press to reprint old columns of former state Rep. Robin Smith in which she writes about honesty, ethics and family values.

There's nothing like an indicted politician's past pronouncements of their high moral superiority when they're finally caught milking the Tennessee taxpayer's teats as though they own the cow. Her hypocrisy is duly noted; those old columns are comedy gold.

Thanks for the laughs, Robin.

Stephen Greenfield

Cleveland, Tenn.


Parker's opinions 'nutty, uninformed'

About Clarence and Ginni Thomas being true American patriots: Give me a break. I'm so upset with [Free Press syndicated columnist] Star Parker, I could scream.

Oh, I did when I read her commentary last Sunday. If she is considered qualified to write her nutty, uninformed opinions, then I am gonna apply for a job at the TFP.

Sue Carol Elvin


DRUGS ACT would hurt more than help

Americans are struggling to afford the highest drug prices in the world. Now, at the behest of Big Pharma front groups, Sens. Amy Klobuchar and Marco Rubio introduced the DRUGS Act, a bill that would rob millions of Americans like me of critical daily medicines.

I depend on online Canadian pharmacies to afford my medication, which costs two or three times as much at U.S. pharmacies. If the DRUGS Act passes, the medications and savings that I get through online Canadian pharmacies will no longer be accessible to me and millions of other Americans.

The Big Pharma special interests supporting the DRUGS Act claim that the bill would address illegal sales of opioids online; however, the bill fails to even mention the words opioids or fentanyl. Instead, the bill targets '"non-domestic" pharmacies — international pharmacies that millions of Americans depend on for safe and affordable drugs. Safe, licensed international pharmacies require valid prescriptions and don't sell controlled substances.

Americans like me are in critical need of access to affordable prescription drugs, now more than ever. Urge our representatives and senators to say no to the DRUGS Act.

Julie Clay



Wipe the whitewash from our history

Anyone who wants to know accurate American history should read the book "Lies My Teacher Told me" by James Loewer.

This history professor details how whitewashed high school history books are.

For example, what year were the first African slaves brought to this continent? It was 1526.

The almost all-white male authors of these books paint a fairy tale story of history. They glorify evil-doers like Christopher Columbus.

Now Republicans want to apply more coats of whitewash.

I am sorry that accurate history is ugly, but honestly, embracing the truth is not as painful as you make it to be.

I cannot see where hiding from the truth is advantageous.

Jack Montgomery

Murphy, N.C.