Patterson most suited for judge

I am writing about Boyd Patterson, who is running for Criminal Court judge. I was fortunate enough to meet Boyd through my work as nursing director for Partnership Rape Crisis Center. During my tenure there, Boyd was instrumental in preparing our staff of SANEs (Sexual Assault Nurse Examiners) for court testimony. Boyd not only volunteered his time for us, he secured a courtroom and walked each nurse through the process of testifying. Boyd explained terms, procedures and the cross-examination process to prepare our team to provide the most precise and professional testimony possible.

Boyd also assisted with, and participated in, our annual Walk a Mile in Her Shoes event, which raises awareness of sexual assault in our community. He is the author of "Evolutionary Emotional Intelligence: Redefining PTSD," which gives survivors coping tools to recognize and better deal with trauma. His work over many years is strong evidence of his sincere interest in helping victims of violent crime put the pieces back together.

His background as a delinquent youth counselor and child abuse prosecutor gives him a unique foundation of understanding that will make him an excellent judge. He has my full support.

Amy Griffin

Signal Mountain


You can trust Jeff for Commission 10

First, I must preface this by stating I do not live in District 10. The recent change in district boundaries put me right across Highway 58 still in District 9.

However, I do know the type of person Jeff Eversole is. I'm a retired law enforcement deputy, and during my career I had the pleasure of working with Jeff, who is a reserve deputy with the Sheriff's Office. A reserve deputy is a volunteer who works side by side with us facing the same challenges and danger but without being compensated. Jeff worked at night with me from time to time and always had my back. Believe me, when you face critical incidents together you learn a lot about a person.

Jeff has the qualities of a good leader, one you can trust, one who will listen, and one you can rely on in times of pressure. I would urge citizens in district 10 to vote for Jeff. If elected he will have your back as well.

Douglas L. Wilson



Elect Amanda Dunn to Criminal Court post

I've known Amanda Dunn personally and professionally for many years. I am a former federal law enforcement officer, a former prosecutor, and previously represented state and local law enforcement officers. I currently work in the criminal and civil court systems as an investigator.

Amanda is without a doubt the most qualified person for the position of Criminal Court Judge, Division III, because she is hardworking, smart, fair, trustworthy and compassionate.

Believe her when she says she will hold people accountable, and not just the defendants who come before her. She will demand the highest accountability and ethics of herself and those around her.

Believe her when she says she will improve on the mental health court managed by Division III. Amanda understands that mental health trauma in one person affects everyone — the police who respond to public safety calls with someone in a mental health crisis, jail staff who manage the daily lives of people being held for criminal behavior who may have a mental health challenge, courtroom personnel who are called to assist those in mental health crisis while in court, and family members of those experiencing said crisis.

Vote for Amanda Dunn, Hamilton County Criminal Court Division III.

Kay Baker