Dumitru imminently qualified to be judge

Mike Dumitru is inspiring as a candidate for Circuit Court Judge, Division II. Not only does he have impeccable credentials to serve as a judge, he also balances his life with a tremendous love of his family and our community.

Mike's educational background, his values and his years of courtroom experience make him the right person to serve as our next Hamilton County Circuit Court judge.

He has my full support and confidence as well as my vote. Please vote for Mike Dumitru.

Chip Baker

Signal Mountain


Put Rebecca Stern back on the bench

Hamilton County needs to elect Rebecca Stern to Criminal Court judge, Division III. She had 18 successful years on the bench and created Drug Court in 2005 that is still in place today.

In Division 3 she would be over Mental Health Court. We need her to take it to the next level. No one else has this kind of experience for the job. She judges with empathy, not sympathy. She knows and understands the law second to none.

All authority and wisdom comes from God. Judge Stern has that quality. Rebecca Stern has good morals, character and values. In this crazy world we live in, God knows we need that in public office today.

I worked for Judge Stern for eight-and-a-half years as her bailiff. You worked with her, not for her.

Attorneys would talk about how well her courtroom ran and was the best courtroom anywhere. Her jury room was a place attorneys loved to come and discuss their cases and drink coffee. Judge Stern's chambers were not only for discussing cases but a counseling room for attorneys, staff and even the janitor.

Hamilton County, you need Rebecca Stern back on the bench!

Tracy Lee


Amanda Dunn ready to serve as judge

I am pleased to have the opportunity to support Amanda Dunn for Criminal Court judge, Division III. We have been ably served in this position by a fine man, Judge Don Poole who is retiring from the bench. While we will miss Judge Poole's leadership, I am certain that Amanda Dunn is ready and fully capable to provide outstanding service and leadership in this position.

As an attorney, I have observed that she has the qualities that this position requires, those of judicial temperament, intelligence, humility and wisdom. She also has extensive experience as an attorney practicing in the criminal justice system.

I am confident she will serve our community well. I am standing with Amanda Dunn in this important role for our community and recommend a vote for her in early voting and for the upcoming election on May 3.

J. Wayne Cropp


GOP is two-faced on Ukraine help

So if Donald Trump had not cancelled the weapons promised to Ukraine, Ukraine would have defeated Russia by now.

Of course the GOP idiots blame Joe Biden for not arming Ukraine faster.

Is there an honest member of the GOP anymore?

Roger Thompson

Coffee County, Tenn.