Knows all candidates, and supports Dunn

From 2007 to 2013, I was a probation/parole officer with the state of Tennessee. I worked with Boyd Patterson in the D.A.'s office, with Rebecca Stern when she was the Criminal Court Division II judge, and with Amanda Dunn in her capacity as a private attorney.

Without a doubt, I believe Dunn is the best candidate for Criminal Court Division III judge and that she will carry forward the legacy of fairness, justice, integrity and compassion created by Judge Don Poole.

In addition to her experience, her intelligence, humility and professionalism have helped her earn respect throughout the judicial system. Amanda also will bring an important balance in prioritizing public safety by upholding justice while ensuring defendants have resources and support to prevent future crimes.

As a social worker, I find her commitment to enhancing resources, offering treatment solutions that impact the offender's root issues, and reducing jail overcrowding and strain on law enforcement to be unique and important. A judge's role is important for the safety of our whole community.

Dunn is the right person for this job. It's an honor to know and support her in the upcoming election May 3.

Stefanie Dalton

Red Bank


Stern already proven; why look elsewhere?

I support Rebecca Stern for Criminal Court in the May primary. I have known her more than 25 years. Not only is she level-headed, she is the only candidate with meaningful bench experience, where she proved herself capable and sensible.

I was surprised to see her one of her opponent's endorsement by the both editorial pages of the TFP, based partly on him being an innovator of a jury-selection app. (I'm not sure how this should give me confidence someone will judicate fairly.)

Ms. Stern is an actual innovator, having started the drug court to help non-violent offenders get treatment and stay out of jail. The drug court has proven to greatly reduce recidivism among its participants. Her leadership has allowed them to thrive, get jobs and even open businesses.

Before being a judge, she also was a capable prosecutor and obtained the first life-without-parole conviction in Hamilton County. She was on the original board of Child Advocacy Center to help abused kids. Finally, she proved to be competent on the bench, highly regarded by prosecutors and defense attorneys for judicial temperament and fairness.

I'm sure her opponents are fine people, but we have an excellent judge available in Stern.

Ringland S. Murray Jr.


Dumitru commended as man of principles

I commend to you Mike Dumitru for Circuit Court judge.

When I first met Mike, I was attracted by his humble spirit. He listens well, responds to questions succinctly and desires to be understood. By his nature, Mike demonstrates the qualities we want all judges to possess: attentive listening, discerning mind and heart, respect for laws of community and nation, and care for all persons.

Mike's love for our land and nation comes from a rich heritage given him by his parents in their escape from the tyranny of communism and their choosing freedoms found only in America. Through their sacrifices, they chose a land where their children would come to know the values of a free, safe community. Mike heard the story of their escape, their choice of new homeland, and their love for the United States. His family's love became his own, a man who loves America and her laws.

Mike is a man of faith whose life principles are to love his God and his neighbor as himself. As a husband and father, Mike models devotion and care.

This is the man I am supporting for judge of Circuit Court.

William Dudley

Signal Mountain