As judge, Exum will serve with expertise

I am writing to express my support for Jim Exum as judge for Hamilton County Circuit Court, Division II.

I have practiced law in Circuit Court, Division II, since I began practicing law in 2004, and I have seen first-hand the difficult and delicate cases that court must hear.

Over the last decade, I have had the good fortune to practice alongside Jim Exum. We have served as opposing lawyers in family law cases. I have served as a mediator in cases where Jim represented his clients. I have watched Jim provide wise counsel to his clients and use his effective resolution skills to resolve many cases.

Jim understands that children are often collateral damage in family law cases. Family law cases often take a delicate hand and an ability to think outside of the box. I have found Jim to be able to wear all of these hats comfortably and with grace. All of these skills will be necessary on day one when the winner of this race steps into the well-respected shoes of Judge Jeff Hollingsworth.

Please join me in electing Jim Exum as our next judge of Hamilton County Circuit Court, Division II.

Misty L. Harris


Dumitru has right mindset for judgeship

For more than 60 years, I've been an engaged citizen in this community. I'm supporting Mike Dumitru for Hamilton County Circuit Court judge, Division II.

Mike is an outstanding lawyer who, as a partner at Miller and Martin, has represented plaintiffs and defendants, individuals, large corporations and small businesses in Hamilton County and in Tennessee and in federal courts across the Southeast. As an experienced attorney, Mike's legal expertise and knowledge will serve him and this county well on the bench. Ask any current judge; Mike is clear in his arguments, respectful in his questioning, has an enviable command of the law and the issues, and is a man of the highest integrity.

I have known Mike Dumitru for over 15 years, and I know his character. Mike is a conservative who understands that the role of the judiciary is to apply the law as written by the legislature, not legislate from the bench.

Mike Dumitru has the knowledge, experience and ability to become an outstanding Hamilton County Circuit Court judge. I urge you to join me in voting for him.

John F. Germ



Going 'negative' a bad look, bad move

In their careers, many businesspeople, especially entrepreneurs, get sued by someone and occasionally run afoul of one of the myriad government regulations that we have to abide by. As they say, "politics ain't beanbag."

A test of a candidate is their ability to refrain from going negative. The next test is whether they own up to failing the first test and disavow the mud they've slung and the slinger. Unfortunately, Weston Wamp has failed both. The business partner of Weston's campaign technology and media director is responsible for publishing accusations against Weston's opponents, yet he says that he had no involvement in the attacks.

Since one of the abilities that we look for in choosing a county mayor is the ability to choose and manage good people, it appears that Weston has failed on both counts. He's chosen to associate with people willing to follow the old political road, and he's failed to let them know that such behavior isn't tolerated.

I guess it's not surprising that a person such as Weston, who has tried to be in politics most of his life, would "politic" the way it's always been done. Don't we want something different?

Nick Decosimo