Political hate mail has opposite effect

As a lifelong Chattanoogan, and apparently naïve optimist who hopes for clean and courteous local political campaigns, I — and my mailbox — both feel extreme disappointment when we receive poster-board-sized hate mail constituting hit jobs on sincere candidates for political office.

What I received yesterday in my mailbox was nothing short of a hit job by political hacks.

To sum it up, based on what was contained on the vitriolic posterboard I received, apparently Matt Hullander and Hullco managed to run a local business for 45 years, successfully and elegantly. And, in almost a half-century, the Hullanders dealt with one wage-and-hour complaint.

As someone who has practiced law for 35 years, that kind of track record is stellar.

I am not endorsing any candidate, but I am certainly tipping my hat to the Hullander family for its multi-generational contribution to the health and wellness of our local economy and workforce.

Lesson learned along the way: You can teach people trades, but when you put them to work, you must treat them well, with humility and respect. In my view, the Hullanders had that kind of workforce culture.

Michael Mallen


Dunn has the tools for Criminal Court

In Hamilton County, we have the opportunity to elect a new judge in Division III of the Hamilton County Criminal Court.

Amanda Dunn is seeking this position. Amanda has specialized in criminal law during her career as an attorney. I have personally had the pleasure to work with and observe her in the courtroom. She is very effective. Tough, but fair. She works well with and is respected by opposing counsel.

She takes her oath as an attorney seriously. Her demeanor and temperament are perfectly suited for this position.

It is for these reasons that I am proudly supporting Amanda Dunn as our next judge of Hamilton County Criminal Court, Division III. I encourage you to do likewise.

Jack Benson Jr.


Rebecca Stern is the most qualified

I support the candidacy of Rebecca Stern for Criminal Court judge in Hamilton County.

I have known Rebecca and her family for many years and have always found her to be conscientious and dedicated to public service. John Adams believed that judges should be of "exemplary morals, invincible patience, unruffled calmness and subservient to none." That is a good description of Rebecca Stern. As a judge she was firm but always fair. She was not afraid to try different approaches to justice in her courtroom while also respecting the rule of law.

Her vast experience makes her the most qualified candidate for criminal court judge, and I wholeheartedly support her candidacy.

Richard W. Gordon

Senior judge (retired)


Dumitru's experience will serve us well

I am a local attorney writing in support of Mike Dumitru for Hamilton County Circuit Court judge.

Mike is an outstanding lawyer. He has represented plaintiffs and defendants, individuals, small businesses, and large companies in state and federal court. He has handled cases in most every area of law within the Circuit Court's jurisdiction. Mike's legal experience and knowledge will serve him well on the bench.

Mike has tried jury trials and bench trials in Hamilton County and elsewhere. He also has the enviable ability when in court to make the most complex issues simple and understandable. Mike and I recently appeared in court together to address several motions in a difficult case. When Mike was arguing, he commanded the facts, legal issues and the floor.

Mike is the best choice for Circuit Court judge. Join me in voting for Mike Dumitru.

Zachary H. Greene