Wamp's stance earns a vote - maybe

Although I am not a Republican and in recent years have found none of their candidates worthy of my vote, I want to thank Weston Wamp for standing up for all citizens and acknowledging the 39% of Hamilton County residents who are not Jewish nor Christian.

I admire his standing up for the foundations upon which this country was envisioned. I'll continue to watch what all the candidates have to say from now until the general election, and who knows, maybe he'll be my first in many years.

Pamela Phillips


County residents unfairly burdened

Conspicuous by its absence from any of the debates by candidates for county mayor has been any discussion of how they will pay for capital investment benefiting only county residents, in particular an expensive and needed new sewage treatment plant.

One can only assume that it will be with county taxes paid to a large extent by city residents, who have already paid for the Moccasin Bend plant. This is grossly unfair, and in a early '90s court case in Shelby/Bedford counties found to be illegal. Not that that has stopped the county from using city residents' taxes to fund volunteer fire departments in the county. It looks like city residents are about to shafted again.

Terence Knee



Dimutru's listening impresses attorney

Mike Dumitru took time out from his very busy campaign schedule to meet with Lucy Wright and myself, who practice family law. He wanted to know what we needed from him as a Circuit Court judge.

I was very impressed with his willingness to listen and his desire to help attorneys help their clients through an otherwise very difficult process. I think Mike Dumitru will make an excellent Circuit Court judge.

Catherine M. White


County will benefit with Stern as judge

A Criminal Court judge needs to be firm, fair and apply the law equally. Luckily for Hamilton County, these are qualities Rebecca Stern exhibited on the bench for more than 17 years, before retiring in 2015. That's why I'm supporting her for the next Criminal Court judge, Division III.

While I'm an attorney, I'm also Rebecca's husband, which precludes me from practicing in front of her. However, I cannot tell you how often former defendants she had incarcerated or ordered to residential drug treatment have approached and thanked her for saving their lives.

During Rebecca's last service, she gained the reputation for fairness and toughness but also compassion and respect.

Rebecca also has exhibited foresight in starting and presiding over the county's drug court, which offers alternative sentencing and long-term in-patient treatment for nonviolent offenders. This has proven successful at reducing recidivism among defendants and helped them find gainful employment, earn college degrees and start their own businesses.

As the county's child abuse prosecutor, Rebecca successfully prosecuted dangerous sex offenders, She also won the county's first life-without-parole capital murder jury verdict. She offers proven leadership. Join me in voting for Rebecca Stern for Criminal Court judge, Division III.

Doug Curtis