Dunn offers integrity, honesty and respect

Having known her for over 25 years, it is with great enthusiasm that we offer our personal endorsement of Amanda Dunn for Criminal Court Judge, Division III. Through the years, we have had the pleasure of knowing Amanda both professionally and personally as our careers and civic involvements have overlapped.

Amanda's dedication to Hamilton County is evident through her decades-long commitment to numerous organizations that serve this community. As a student at UTC for her undergraduate studies, Amanda was a constant presence in volunteer and charitable activities. For eight years, she served on the board of directors of Legal Aid of East Tennessee. Early in her career, Amanda received the Pro Bono Lawyer of the Year award.

The most important thing to know about Amanda is that she lives her life daily with integrity, honesty and respect. We can say without any doubt that Amanda will serve this community just as she has during her career as an attorney — with humility, compassion and the utmost respect for the law.

For these reasons, we provide our unwavering support to Amanda Dunn for Criminal Court Judge, Division III. Vote for her.

Raj and Stephanie Mehta


Coty Wamp ready for DA job; elect her

It is refreshing to witness the candidacy of Coty Wamp, who is seeking the office of attorney general of Hamilton County. This young woman is articulate, winsome and brings timely experience for the task.

I have known Coty most of her life. She will bring authentic leadership and integrity to the position. I hope voters will join me in casting a vote for Coty Wamp. Election Day is Tuesday.

Fred Steelman



Pinkston deserves another term as DA

This is an excerpt from an interview while Coty Wamp was a Hamilton County public defender:

"I've always been drawn to people who don't have a voice but need one,'' she said. Wamp held on to this aspiration through her years at the UT College of Law. Upon graduating, she was certain of one thing: she didn't want to prosecute. "I'm defense-minded to the core," she says. "Some of the attorneys in this office have prosecuted, but I'm not one who could easily jump over. I love the underdog. I'd rather advocate for someone than be the person who's sending them to prison."

It goes without saying that the district attorney is a prosecutor. Therefore, the last person you want is someone who is "defense-minded to the core."

Not only does she not have a heart to prosecute, but she has no experience.

Vote for Neal Pinkston for DA. He has the desire as well as the experience to prosecute justly.

Vicki Suttle



Supports Patterson for Criminal Court

I wanted to take the time to support Boyd Patterson for Criminal Court judge. I have worked with Mr. Patterson in the community on many occasions, from trying to decrease the gang activity in communities to helping families with different resources.

Temus Terry