No 'good ol' boy,' Smedley ready for job

Sabrena Smedley isn't another good ol' boy.

Weston Wamp thinks Sabrena Smedley's "good ol' boy" line is an attack. It doesn't come across as mean-spirited because it's a true distinction.

While the other two were riding the coattails of their fathers, Sabrena Smedley was working hard to raise a family, advance her education and build a better future through real estate sales.

Smedley stepped up to serve on the Hamilton County Commission. Once there, her peers on the commission thought so much of her leadership that they voted her to chair the commission — twice.

On the commission, Smedley has led the fight for better pay and updated technology to equip our first responders and teachers. She understands firsthand the importance of graduating young people ready to work or take that next step into college.

She knows that our county and our state are thriving because it follows smart, conservative business principles.

For mayor, our choices are another well-connected power player or a successful businesswoman with a demonstrated record of sound financial management.

Take a look at the records for yourself. Once you do, you will agree.

Sabrena Smedley really is "ready for the job" of Hamilton County mayor.

Barry L. Abbott


Wamp's education focus is what's needed

As someone who used to enjoy politics, I must say the last few years have not brought out the best of us.

However, one campaign this year has given me new optimism. Weston Wamp has laid out a clear vision for improving education, expanding vocational education and helping create more productive citizens in our county. His focus on public education is timely.

I attended public schools, my mother taught in public schools and my sister is a principal now of a large public school. We need to give Weston Wamp a chance for the next four years. His focus is on the future, and making our county better through an education focus is precisely what is needed. Vote for Weston.

Kerry B. Steelman


Exum has everything needed to be judge

I have known and practiced law with Jim Exum for years and believe he would make an excellent choice for Hamilton County Circuit Court judge.

In Hamilton County, the majority of matters a Circuit Court judge hears involve family law issues — divorce, child custody and support, orders of protection, etc. On numerous occasions when a client or friend has had need for legal counsel specializing in family law, I've asked Jim for help. Happily, what I witnessed in Jim was a professional, decisive and respectful counselor, in command of the law and often being asked to provide needed advice or to make court appearances in Circuit Court on little notice.

Jim possesses the temperament, experience and desire to serve that the people of Hamilton County need in a judge. Please join me in supporting Jim Exum for Circuit Court judge, Division II.

John G. Jackson