Biden, Trump are unacceptable

The presidential race in 2024 looms very scary.

It would be unthinkable to re-elect Joe Biden — assuming he's still alive, awake and can put sentences together. He's run amok on the border. He's run amok with taxpayer money. He's run amok on world affairs. He's run amok on defense. He's accepting of slaughtering very-much alive, but unborn, babies.

It would be unthinkable to re-elect Donald Trump, the president who knows not the meaning of the words diplomacy, decency, honesty, morality or truth. He has given the USA a black eye around the world and promoted/tolerated crazed insurrectionists across the nation. His one and only virtue is that he appointed conservatives to the Supreme Court and other benches.

Bob Corker, we need you to come to the rescue. Badly!

David Cooper


City's homeless policies inadequate

Recently the Chattanooga City Council voted on an ordinance that allows the police to enforce relocation of homeless people living under bridges. This ordinance claims it is to protect valuable infrastructure from fire and damage. What this ordinance actually is, is a green light for homeless people to be unnecessarily targeted by law enforcement under the guise of infrastructure protection.

I have worked with the homeless community of Chattanooga for the last two years after moving here from Oregon. My experiences seeing Chattanooga police interact with the homeless community have been concerning at best. But, I'm not writing to criticize the police. I am writing to criticize the city officials who have done nothing to improve the lives of the homeless of this community and continue to put policies in place that negatively affect their lives and ability to survive.

Chattanooga is embarrassingly low on shelter space and low-barrier access to services. The fact that this ordinance was not up for public debate before being voted on is an outrage, and now city officials are attempting to make it look like a win-win for all involved. Mayor Tim Kelly, his office and City Council should be ashamed of themselves.

Elise Anderson


Fleischmann always votes his party first

[U.S. Rep. Chuck] Fleischmann: "I support infrastructure improvements that improve our community's infrastructure needs." Except of course if they are proposed by a Democratic president. Party first. Always.

So he dutifully voted against the $300 billion a year Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act which would actually improve our community's infrastructure needs and employ thousands of Tennesseans. His excuse? It "does nothing to lessen the burdensome federal regulations that suffocate infrastructure projects in Tennessee." What does that have to do with not voting for the bill? But it is typical GOP nonsense to justify disapproval of anything that does not directly benefit Republican donors. Like the $768 billion (for one year) military spending bill ($25 billion more than the president requested), which enriches military contractors and their wealthy investors who finance elections of the likes of Fleischmann. Of course that got his enthusiastic "yea" vote.

Time to elect a 3rd District congressperson who really cares about the welfare of the district's citizens rather than his own and his party's malignant power.

Ted Tumelaire

Signal Mountain