Our teachers are competent, caring

A recent issue of the Times Free Press reported disparaging remarks towards K-12 teachers by President Larry Arnn of Hillsdale College. Apparently, Tennessee Gov. Bill Lee has an interest in using the Hillsdale K-12 curriculum in charter schools.

In two decades working with K-12 teachers, I found them well-prepared by their colleges, with a great work ethic and genuine interest in student success.

If any member of the public questions the competence and purpose of teachers, spend a school day with a local teacher and make up your own mind.

Gary Furman

Rossville, Ga.


Republican Gov. Bill Lee has no 'gumption'

It should surprise no one that Tennessee Gov. Bill Lee would allow Larry Arnn to insult Tennessee, her teachers and students. He sits by, nodding in agreement. In four years he has done nothing to make you think he has gumption.

There are about a quarter of a million Tennesseans with no planned health care. Money was available. He did nothing; hospitals closed.

If you want a governor with courage, forget Bill.

Eddy Fairbanks


Republicans are failing on guns

It's horrifying but no longer shocking. We have become inured to frequent mass murders. They are, however, largely preventable. The NRA claims, "Guns don't kill people; people kill people." The truth? People with guns kill people.

Rep. Steve Scalise claims Republicans "are committed to identifying and solving the root causes of violent crimes." Yet most Republican legislators suggest guns aren't the problem. Sen. Ted Cruz claims we should "harden" schools; they should have only one means of ingress. Many tout arming teachers. Rep. Jody Hice asserts we should "embrace religious beliefs."

Rep. Billy Long blames abortions, Sen. Ron Johnson "the secularization of society," Rep. Louie Gohmert the elimination of school prayer, and Rep. Greg Steube "the left" for "taking God out of our classrooms." Among Western nations, however, Americans are by far the most religious yet simultaneously the most likely to die of gun violence.

What is the commonality among these legislators and their asinine comments? All are Republicans unwilling to enact sensible, effective gun laws.

I have occasionally voted for Republicans, but in the current political climate, no Republican candidates will receive my votes. I encourage others to vote only for Democrats.

Karen Claypool


More guns will not make us more safe

I would like for someone to please explain how having an abundance of guns will make us safer.

Even background checks will not reveal people whom we used to call "hot heads" or "quick tempered." They are not regarded as mentally unstable. But they will get mad at the drop of a hat, and if they a have a gun, they won't think about the outcome of their behavior. They will shoot, they will end someone's life and possibly theirs.

So as a mother, grandmother and great-grandmother, I ask others to join me in praying for people to understand the consequences of their decisions that really affect so many people.

Matthew 5:9 states, "Blessed are the peacemakers for they will be called the children of God."

Betty Palmer