Stadium decision should be voted on

I have been following the debate about whether Chattanooga and Hamilton County should finance a new stadium for the Lookouts.

The question of whether this should happen carries significant consequences for the taxpayers of Chattanooga and Hamilton County. This is too big of an issue to be decided by a few elected officials and certainly not one to be made by lame ducks.

We need to have a referendum on the ballots for Chattanooga and Hamilton County, so the voters can make this decision. One way or another, the results should be legally binding for at least four years. If a new stadium is the great deal that its supporters say it is, then they should be able to persuade a majority of the voters. Likewise for the opponents.

The pros and cons of a new stadium should be easy to convey to the voters, and the voters deserve to have a say in a contentious and consequential decision such as this one. I strongly urge the city of Chattanooga and Hamilton County to make this happen.

Jim Olson


Not a fan of Jan. 6 show trials opinion

The TFP simply must do better. A July 3 commentary by Chris Talgo ("Committee's hearings are simply show trials, "Perspective, page F1) addressing the Jan. 6 congressional committee was composed mostly of lies that can be fact-checked as such.

Talgo rhetorically wonders why Reps. Banks and Jordan were rejected by Pelosi. Aside from the fact of their huge conflict of interest, Pelosi is fed up with the lies they spread. Talgo's commentary is exemplary of the lying from which the Jan. 6 committee was spared.

Trump "approved" deployment of thousands of National Guard troops? "Approved" means they were asked for by someone else. They were not. In fact, there is no official record of Trump ordering any National Guard forces. This lie was started by Trump, who may have told acting Defense Secretary Christopher Miller that 10,000 troops would be needed. But there is no record of an order for troops.

We have a real problem with lies repeatedly expressed in "argument" despite their easily found debunkment. This has led to serious risk to our republic in that candidates are now campaigning for offices based on recognized lies.

Our Chattanooga newspaper should be more vigilant in disallowing easily provable lies being presented to their readers.

Robert Landry


Vote Ruth Jeno for District 6

As our first female mayor, there's no way to list all of Ruth's accomplishments in her tireless work for our community — but Red Bank would not be what it is today without her skill and thoughtfulness.

If there is a community board she hasn't created and/or served on, I've never heard of it. She voted for and worked on the development of White Oak Park from our former landfill, and has continued to champion and expand our parks through the years. Her work on the planning commission and as city commissioner on zoning and coding has produced more residential and commercial investment, less crime, and rising prosperity.

Her track record is clear and public. She will be responsible with your tax dollars and will not waste them on nonsense programs/partnerships that don't work. She believes that parents are in charge of and the final authority for their children's education, not some radical activist or curriculum bureaucrat.

Ruth is transparent and honest and will pick up her phone when you call. I'm proud to call her my friend and hope you'll vote for her Aug. 4.

Tyler Howell

Red Bank