Liberty is privacy to determine one's life

What about neglect, abuse, torture and killing of children by mothers did anti-abortionists consider as they celebrated? No sentient being is born more vulnerable than the human infant. Force unwilling mothers to give birth to children they did not want, and what do you expect to happen? What do we already see happening? Ask Child Protective Services.

On Jan. 27 in the CTFP, we read about a 3-year-old boy in the freezer of his home in Detroit. There are five more children in that home!

Constitutionally, every law not given to federal goes to states. If we understand the word "liberty" at all to mean individual freedom, then aside from laws protecting citizens from physical harm, all laws must allow each citizen private rights.

We don't ask for the right to abort. As necessity dictates, we do so and have done so throughout time.

Jesus did not condemn prostitutes who must have frequently resorted to abortions. Nor did Jesus condemn abortions.

Liberty is the privacy to love, to make mistakes and decisively determine one's life. No religion can infringe on liberty without nullifying freedom.

Lucy Winfree Taylor


Evangelicals, 'Mob Boss' took down Roe

"Congratulations" are in order to evangelicals for the destruction of Roe v. Wade.

But I have to say kind of strange that praying to God for 50 years couldn't get the job done, but when evangelicals partnered with the Mob Boss and his made men fuhgeddaboudit.

No matter that their pact with the Godfather Donald would also destroy the "exceptional" parts of America. The after-effect, now, is tough rule by a "Grand ol' Party" requiring absolute loyalty above God and country, an incredible ability to con millions of citizens with lies and disinformation, disregard of custom, integrity and ethics, and a true love for breaking the legs of any opposition.

John Winesett



Free Press cartoon distorts reality

I am writing to strongly object to the June 23 Chattanooga Free Press cartoon by Lisa Benson. According to your paper's Statement of Core Values: you deliver the news honestly and fairly. This cartoon violates both of these values. The man holding a Molotov cocktail is identified as a pro-choice advocate saying "I disagree with your choice." A pregnant woman stands outside of a pro-life building that has been bombed. The inference is twofold: first, that pro-choice people don't want pregnant women to carry a child to term; second, that pro-choice people have pursued violent actions toward pregnancy promoting services.

These inferences are blatantly false and misrepresent the truth. At no time has anyone in the pro-choice movement bombed any pregnancy service site. Pro-choice advocates want women to have options when faced with a pregnancy. Choosing to have a child is one of the options.

This is another example of how dishonest conservatives and pro-life advocates continue to falsely accuse others of actions they have taken. There are countless examples of abortion centers being bombed, doctors and nurses killed by pro-life advocates and not one example from the pro-choice movement.

Shame on you, Times Free Press, for publishing this cartoon.

Judith Pedersen-Benn