Freeman Cooper will be deeply missed

When I became mayor in April 2005, Police Chief Steve Parks surprised us by choosing to retire.

At that time, I had the advantage of having known much of the upper ranks of the department for many years. Accordingly, the selection of Freeman Cooper as the next chief was quick and easy. Freeman came with the support and recommendation of practically everyone who mattered and his confirmation by the council sailed through.

Over the months that we worked together, I came to know Freeman as a man of deep faith and quiet courage. He exhibited a level of confidence that gave all of us the assurance that the safety of the city was in good hands.

I am so personally saddened by his passing. Freeman was my chief ... no other mayor's. He served in that position through critical months of my administration and stood with me many times through difficult circumstances.

I talked with him after his recent diagnosis. He was always brave and upbeat, always the Freeman Cooper that we had known and loved. The city owes him a great debt. My heart goes out to his family and my prayers will express gratitude for the blessings that he brought to us all.

Ron Littlefield


Cunningham pick for Ga. U.S. House seat

Candidate Eric Cunningham has all the right qualifications to represent Georgia's 14th congressional district! He has been a friend of our family for 34 years, and once people get to know him, they too will see that his faith, strength of character and maturity are exactly what Georgia needs.

What is lacking in today's politics and especially in many of our elected officials is a level of civility. Eric's candidacy brings back this long overdue and much needed aspect of politics. Furthermore, he brings people together on issues, not alienating them. His work in the opioid crisis within his community is proof of his compassion for others — all others. Eric is attentive, caring and humble. He is focused on issues that affect all of us.

This candidate has the right qualifications to lead this district.

David and Meredith Mullins

Walker County, Ga.


Dumitru best man for Circuit Court

I'm a retired educator and community volunteer. I'm encouraging you to vote for Mike Dumitru for Hamilton County Circuit Court judge, Division II. Why? I know Mike Dumitru; he is family.

But that is not the reason you should vote for Mike; quite simply, he is the most qualified candidate.

He is a scholar with the highest of academic credentials, including having graduated from Vanderbilt University School of Law where he served as chief justice of the Vanderbilt Moot Court Board.

He is an experienced, hard-working litigator who believes in the rule of law and has spent more than a decade working with clients, opposing counsel, judges, and juries. His personal code of ethics assures that each person will be treated with respect.

He has a strong sense of integrity and will listen, reflect, consider and act, knowing that the court serves the people and is guided by constitutional and statutory law.

I urge you to join me in voting for Mike Dumitru for Circuit Court judge, Division II. He is the right man for the position.

Linda Moss Mines