If you didn't vote, don't complain

If you awoke last week to news that the candidate you wanted didn't win and you failed to vote, then you shouldn't have anything to say.

According to the Election Commission, there were 48,848 votes cast out of 232,752 eligible voters in Hamilton County. Half of those votes were cast by mail and during early voting.

This is an indictment against eligible voters of Hamilton County who evidently did not care or think it necessary to vote.

Democracy does work, but it requires active participation of citizens at the poll.

Casting a ballot is the most powerful participation that is constitutionally afforded to eligible citizens. But when there is a failure on the part of citizens to exercise this right, it also renders citizens void of power.

If you are not pleased with the outcome of the election, then you may want to turn your displeasure to the 183,904 eligible but non-voting citizens of Hamilton County.

For now, "it is what it is." We must pull together and do our part in building and maintaining a viable and harmonious city and county that citizens can with great pride call home.

Dr. Jean Howard-Hill


Embrace only what promotes love, hope

I have been contemplating how the U.S. came to be in the current calamity it appears to be in. It would be easy to blame one man or a political party or the federal government as a whole.

Our problems didn't start with Donald Trump or with Hillary Clinton. Nope, our troubles have their origins in our lack of faith, and I'm not speaking of religion here. I'm referring to the lack of faith in our friends, family, neighbors and our government. This lack of faith seems to stem from the hubris of some and a shortage of hope affecting others.

Without faith in others to do the right thing when no one is looking, distrust and disdain of humanity in general are created

It's OK to question authority, but for the masses to do it with hate and revenge in mind erodes all pillars of society, and it ironically aids in crumbling the very foundation the hateful masses claim to be upholding.

Love is the only answer to this low point of faith and hope. Anything that promotes love and hope must be embraced in order to save us from ourselves.

John Mathna


Finding the rare kindness bird

My husband and I are new to the birding hobby.

We finally were able to rent an apartment with a balcony and want to enjoy it as much as possible.

We visited Wild Birds Unlimited on East Brainerd Road and had a great time! We learned so much from Mel, the manager, who was really informative about the local birds and birding in general.

When I accidentally left my phone at the counter, Mel actually came and brought it to us! No better bird in the business, I say! Go visit. Mel is both knowledgeable and kind. Thanks so much, Wild Birds!

Kelsey Shaver


Bias brought to bear comes from both sides

In a May 2 Free Press editorial page commentary: Cal Thomas finally wrote an article I agree with in its entirety. But when he wrote that the vast disparity between perception and reality is caused by the news and entertainment media and what they choose to highlight, as well as the bias they bring to subjects and issues they seek to promote, denigrate or ignore, I wonder if he realized he was talking about himself.

Then I looked further right to see a commentary titled "7 Lessons Dems Need To Learn — Fast." Perhaps the right should clean up its messes before giving advice to the Dems.

W.B. Hayes


Accept responsibility for incoming refugees

I applaud our efforts to welcome refugees from the war in Ukraine. It is in keeping with the long held American ideal of welcoming those who have no place else to go, who are running from danger.

I am concerned we have a blind spot impeding the welcoming of all refugees. The individuals and families at our Southern border are also refugees. They are refugees from a different kind of war, a war in the countries of Central America that is brought on by drug lords creating havoc in their countries. It is an environment that in many ways is just as dangerous as the war in Ukraine.

I would urge all Americans to look at the chaos in Central America, driven by America's demand for illicit drugs, and accept responsibility for this war. In doing so, I hope we will develop a more caring attitude for the stranger, as Christ called us to do.

Lemuel Arnold, MD

LaFayette, Ga.


Trump responsible for current U.S. ills

To delusional believers in Commander "Bone Spur": No U.S. soldiers have died in Afghanistan since leaving, having spent 20 years in that forsaken country. Send your children to die uselessly but not mine.

Illegal drugs have come across our borders for decades, about which Trump accomplished very little. Overdose deaths are called "deaths of despair" that Trump and Marsha Blackburn did nothing to solve and have been around long before Biden's presidency. Trump didn't make average citizens wealthier. If you don't take illegal drugs, you don't die from illegal drugs.

Trump's tariff war, pandemic neglect, tax cut and keeping the prime rate so low all are the causes of inflation on food, gas and housing, which started under Trump. Trump tried crippling NATO, extorting Ukraine (for which he was impeached) and withholding military aid.

Earnings among S&P 500 companies remain near record highs. The gross domestic product has grown the most in 37 years. Yet, companies claim shortages and raised prices, which have become disproportionate, outsize profits over the past two years.

Biden has threatened the oil companies for not using the drilling permits they have.

David Bean

Chatsworth, Ga.


Bovine flatulence to be our downfall?

Would anyone hire a shoemaker to perform heart surgery? A heart surgeon to build your house? How about voting for and electing a tortuous bartender from a slophouse in New York City to run the government? Are there people in the country that stupid? What would you expect the outcome to be?

The 2020 congressional election answered these questions and more. The voters of New York City elected a political leader who has the answer to America's problems. For years our leaders have been focused on protecting the homeland, and its citizens, and now we have a leader who has zeroed in on the real problem facing our country. It's not foreign governments or ISIS. No, it's "global warming." If something isn't done, we will cease to exist in 12 years, this ex-liquor slinger proclaims! Not only has she identified the problem, she has proposed a solution. Her brilliance has determined "global warming" is caused by bovine flatulence. All you self-indulging steak eaters are the problem, and the solution is to get rid of all cows. Well, slap my head, who knew gas from a black Angus could cause the demise of our great country.

Ed Huber

Copperhill, Tenn.