Overturning Roe will widen disparities

When I heard about the Supreme Court's intent to revoke Roe v. Wade, I was shocked.

In my view, this decision not only carries historic implications for women's reproductive rights, but also serves as an instrument to systematically target, further dismantle and disenfranchise our country's vulnerable populations.

An article published by [Elizabeth] Ananat and [Daniel] Hungerman found that access to contraception was directly correlated with higher levels of education and income. Not only are women of color more likely to be low-income, but they also have limited access to reproductive health care compared to their white counterparts. As such, communities of color have disproportionate difficulty accessing reliable methods of contraception.

If Roe v. Wade is overturned, Tennessee and 25 other states have laws in place that will limit — in some cases ban or even criminalize — abortion. These so-called "trigger" laws will systematically target minority, immigrant and low-income women. This will serve to exacerbate the already gaping divide in maternal mortality between Black and white women, demonstrating that our state laws are a threat to their very existence.

Anjali Chandra


GOP cannot be put in power again

I was reading an op-ed by Kim Wehle, a former U.S. assistant attorney. She argues the future is dangerous. She said the Trump presidency stands as a flashing invitation for future presidents of any political stripe to commit federal crimes with no accountability whatsoever.

If impeachment does not work, what else is there? Investigations don't work; attorneys general don't care. Federal Republican judges say Trump committed crimes yet Trump tells judges, "I'm busy, contact me in six months."

The bottom line is we cannot let Republicans come back into power. Some 147 Republican Congress members voted against certifying the Electoral College results. This was after the insurrection of Jan. 6. Which means they must like this.

Why would someone not want or support democracy? Answer: they don't have a life to begin with.

Mark Proctor


Do Democrats just not get the argument?

Are Democrat politicians and their sycophants in the media just lying, stupid or do they really not understand what the leaked draft of the Supreme Court decision actually means? Ignoring the leak aspect of this story, for a court to actually return lawmaking back to the state legislatures is a novel concept. It has been long recognized by many on both sides of the abortion debate that Roe was bad law created out of whole cloth by activist justices.

Biden and others' claim that this could lead to rights such as whom one may marry and segregating gay/transgender students from straight students is a red herring that has no basis in the draft opinion or rational thought. I fear no amount of logical discussion will convince the radical left that having legislatures vote on laws rather than courts creating laws is what defines democracy.

Rusty Lacy, Rossville, Ga.