Now let's consider: Who is extreme?

The liberal/Democrat/communists always accuse the other side of exactly what they are doing themselves. Now it is us who are "extreme."

Let's compare. Liberals think there are 70 genders, conservatives just two. Liberals censor free speech; conservatives believe in the First Amendment. Liberals believe in group rights; conservatives believe in the Bill of Rights. Liberals say white babies are born racist; conservatives don't. Liberals believe government should control your kid's education; conservatives think parents should. Liberals think two years of rioting, 25 people dead, billions in damage, attacking government entities, etc., is OK, and Jan. 6 was an "insurrection," although nothing was burned and no one died except a conservative woman killed by police. Conservatives think both were bad. Liberals think it's OK to protest in front of churches and at judges' residences threatening and intimidating them; conservatives do not. I could go on.

If you want to see extreme, just watch MSNBC or CNN one night. The left only cares about power. They will lie, cheat, steal and manipulate using the lapdog media to gain that power. They think the ends justify the means.

And we are extreme? ... Yeah, right.

Tim Price



Prison problems are widespread

I worked at a prison for 18 years. The problems they are having at Silverdale Detention Center happen at any prison. Prison staff don't control the prison; rather, the inmates let you control the prison. Most inmates just want to do their time and get their release.

Correcting the inmates' behavior causes problems because supervisors up the chain question why aren't you controlling the inmates. Paperwork shows a problem.

I wrote an inmate up for throwing coffee on my face and body; that was thrown out because there was no evidence (I showed them my wet shirt). Saying there was no evidence, they could report no assault on officers that month. I was called childish for reporting an inmate's sexual gesture toward a female staff member. No paperwork shows there is no problem.

Prison leadership should be consistent in its enforcement of inmate rules and to always back their officers and staff.

Joel Blake


Fleischmann respect has been eroded

[U.S. Rep. Chuck] Fleischmann — it's time for you to resign.

You, sir, swore an oath to uphold the Constitution of the United States. You have violated that oath by putting politics first. You voted against the verification of the Electoral College vote count. And now it has become evident you are so gullible, you have followed the lies dreamed up by Mark Meadows like a Shropshire sheep being led to slaughter. You were not elected to blindly do what the Republican Party dictates or believe every conspiracy theory some idiot dreams up. You were elected to uphold the Constitution. When you purposely violate it, you became a traitor.

Without performing these basic tenets of your job for partisan reasons, how can you even look the people of this district in the eye? Your respect is seriously eroded, and your credibility is gone.

A vendor at a gun show declared that every Democrat was a Communist. Now I'm starting to believe that almost every elected Republican is a traitor when it comes to violating their oath of office.

David Fleury

Apison, Tenn.


Worry about Russia, not immigrant influx

Re: "1 in 3 fears immigrants influence U.S. elections" (AP-NORC poll in Tuesday's Times Free Press).

We need to keep our eye on the ball. I recently saw a quote by a Russian official in The Week that stuck with me. He said that the U.S. needs a regime change, that we need to again help our partner Donald Trump become president. I still worry more about the Russian influence on our elections than I do immigrant influence.

Nancy Bishop

Birchwood, Tenn.


Fascist barbarians eviscerating the U.S.

After Trump's election, my letter to this page warned that barbarians were coming to eviscerate our democracy and steal every dollar they could from the people (read Lewis Powell's 1971 memo). We watched this happen during four years of Republican rule by the chief barbarian in the White House.

Now, with publication of the Supreme Court's Roe draft opinion, their strategy is open for all to see. Let's name some barbarians who have gained entrance to the gates of our democracy. Justice Alito reasons that women should lose their rights to reproductive health care with language that sends all women back to a pre-1868 era of no human rights. Mitch McConnell tramples traditional Senate rules and disregards public majorities to install partisan justices, passes tax cuts for rich people, and pockets or filibusters all progressive legislation, like health care, immigration, gun safety, removal of corrupt office holders, child support, etc., that help people. Justice Stevens wrote a Supreme Court opinion (2010) deeming corporations "people" that allowed dark money to corrupt elections. State legislators pass bills limiting voting rights for anyone they disagree with.

These are not "Visigoths" battering down our democratic "walls." They are home-grown fascist barbarians.

Dave Benn


Demand 'zero' emissions plans

The newly released IPCC report ( says that it's "now or never" if the world is to stave off climate disaster.

After a report like this, we cannot go on "business-as-usual." Any policy that doesn't include phasing out fossil fuels is not a real climate plan. "Net zero" pledges are not going to get the job done; we need "real zero."

"Net zero emissions" does not mean "zero emissions." In many cases, it means the exact opposite and is instead used as a polluter-driven, green-washing scheme.

Instead of relying on unproven future technologies, we demand climate plans that radically reduce emissions to zero.

We must put pressure on our government officials to read the IPCC report and pledge your commitment to "real zero" emissions.

Jerome Moses

Madisonville, Tenn.


How about a Nixon disinformation department?

To everyone who reads this: Please answer honestly. Would you trust a Department of Homeland Security under the Nixon administration in 1973 to police disinformation or communications? To thine own self be true. (Act 1 Scene 3, "Hamlet," William Shakespeare)

Bill Bastenbeck

Dayton Tenn.


Fiddling with Ukraine while border burns

Biden appoints a woman as ambassador to Ukraine. We have not had a permanent ambassador there in several years. Why now? Is he trying to meet his diversity goal for women? I am sure she is jumping up and down to be selected. What is there to do that needs to be done today?

Maybe Biden has a pile of documents on his desk every day to be signed. He may sit down, sign them all and then go and stand on the blue dot until he is told something else to do.

Just maybe Joe could give his attention to the border today, where thousands of children are just left there alone. Instead, they say, "Oh, we cannot talk about that. It may hurt us in November."

What an evil, ruthless attitude when elections are more important than human lives. God help us all.

Ruth Cote