March 31st, 2013 in Opinion Rants

CELEBRATE NEXT Feb. 2 by having groundhog stew. Let's fillet that lying, stupid, conniving little groundhog - this is not spring!

HILLARY NOW supports gay marriage. Her way of announcing she is running for president in 2016. Litmus test for Democrats. Next, citizenship for illegal immigrants.

WE, THE PEOPLE, should exercise our right to impose term limits. How? Never vote for any candidate more than two times! Do I hear yes?

WATER WAR: Georgia wants to steal our water. It wasn't a penal colony for nothing.

ATTENTION, Tennessee legislators: The sink in the restroom is for rinsing mops, and the carpet tiles in your office are not Muslim prayer rugs.

CHATTANOOGANS should quit eating Krystals and let the people in Atlanta eat them. Shame on Krystal for moving their headquarters to Atlanta.

PETER MURPHY, you lost the election. Get over it. It's just the City Council.

EPB SHOULD broadcast anything they want to on their cable. Everyone has a power switch on their TV and an option to change channels.

TVA GIVES millions in annual bonuses but won't spend a little money to keep all the safety lights working on the Sequoyah water towers.

CAMERAS EVERYWHERE are not enough. State troopers are now using an 18-wheeler to spy on people in their cars. "Big brother is watching you."

TAKE ALL the speed-enforcement vehicles and let them set up south of the dam on Highway 153 and catch some of those idiots.