September 1st, 2013 in Opinion Rants

ANDY BERKE WILL never fix the stinky sewers or the road potholes. They are not stepping stones to the White House.

WHERE IS THE media and Al Sharpton's indignation over the innocent Australian baseball player's slaughter? I guess the victim was too lily white!

THE CHURCH HAS erected three crosses on their own property with private funds ... Message sent by three crosses: Mark 14: 1-9

SHAME ON THE church that is penalizing the Cooper family for loving their daughter. WWJD

HONESTLY, DAVID COOK, making jokes about "Ted Kennedy's drink list?" Mocking a deceased person's problems with alcohol? We expect better from you.

WHY WOULD HUNTERS want to shoot Sand Hill cranes? Whoever heard of roast crane!

LUKEN JUST bought Valleybrook. Maybe he'll run off all the riffraff and bring in his rich duffer buddies to clog the fairways.

EVER NOTICE HOW Coppinger is always around for a good photo opportunity.

HEY, COUNTRY-COME-TO-TOWN, if you let people get off the elevator first you will have an easier time getting on.

I AGREE WITH Ann Benton's summation of our political scene - the Republicans have done more to wreck our country than Bin Laden did!

OBAMA BENDS Franklin: If at first they don't secede, lie lie again.