September 8th, 2013 in Opinion Rants

JUDGE NOT lest ye be Clay Bennett.

OBAMACARE WAS passed by a Democrat-controlled Congress. If it's so great why are they opting out but leaving the rest of us in it?

I WASN'T A fan of Hillary until I realized how much Republicans are afraid of her. They obviously already see the next election sliding away.

BET 'OL GEORGE is sitting at his ranch watching Obama deal with this Syrian mess and grinning.

WHAT IS THE best cure for post traumatic stress disorder our troops are suffering? It is easy: Bring back the universal draft in America.

I WONDER IF the Chattanooga VW workers have asked themselves, "Why has UAW membership declined by 75 percent in the past three decades?"

IT'S NOT homosexuality that's tearing apart our society. It's fornication and out-of-wedlock births. Why do we focus all attention on the lesser sin?

MAN'S MORAL relativism prevails in our culture, but God's moral absolutes prevail eternally in heaven and hell. God's love doesn't preclude his judgment of sin.

ONCE AGAIN, Highway 64 through Ocoee is closed. Fire TDOT, hire Navy SeaBees. They can have it cleared in a day while under enemy fire.

THANK YOU, Henry Lukin, for purchasing Valleybrook Golf Club and making long overdue improvements that should have been done years ago.

TALK RADIO: I don't mind the bumper music. Some of it is pretty good. And, I like the comments, but please quit talking over it.