The Rant

The Rant

August 13th, 2017 in Opinion Rants

Please, no more bike lanes. Pave our city streets instead. City leadership is not in touch with the wishes of the people.

Officeholders should be required to wear uniforms like car racers to show who sponsors (owns) them.

President Obama proved that any American boy can grow up to be president. President Trump proves you don't have to grow up.

Why has the media not said anything about the strong economy, record market highs and low unemployment since Trump took office? Too busy with the witch-hunt?

I am glad that Hillary Clinton is not president, but did we have to settle for a thin-skinned, overly egocentric, spoiled brat?

Bet the phone calls of some of our previous presidents would be far more entertaining than Trump's.

In the 1970s, there was global cooling. In 2017, there is global warming. What caused the ice age? Man-made? Not.

All totalitarian rulers attempt to control news, so why shouldn't Trump have TrumpNews? You know the Times Free Press won't tell the true news.

When North Korea does the unthinkable, our response should be immediate and total.

County students ignored while HCDE fiddles. Someone should be held responsible for ignoring them. Another year of wasted minds. Shame on those in charge.

I suggest business leaders spend a day as a substitute teacher in any local school then rethink the need to reduce the number of teachers!

Memorial Hospital outmaneuvered Erlanger in getting a toehold at the former Hutcheson hospital. The pricey turf wars continue. And we consumers pay handsomely for them.

UT men's basketball team on 10-day European tour for three games. How is this financial expenditure justified?

In a certain way Donald Trump and Clay Bennett have become two peas in a pod. They are both blathering old fools.

Our Southern ears can't understand your rapid-fire, robot, monotone TV traffic reports. A bit slower, please!

VW's chief pleads guilty. Ron Hart said "VW's CEO called it the most embarrassing event in Volkswagen history — keep in mind, a company founded by Hitler."

Cassandra Smith Road's Hamill Road end was repaved earlier this year. When is the remainder to Hixson Pike going to be fixed?

Useful idiots are those who believe our enemies' propaganda. The U.S. government was responsible for 9/11 and Russia had no role in our elections are examples.

Ramps onto southbound Highway 27 at Fourth and M.L. King are now the most dangerous intersections in the state. Should be flashing red stop signs, not yield.

I wonder about bally-hooed "budgeting for outcomes" in the city. Are we getting the outcomes we want for the taxpayer money spent?

Kudos to Clay Bennett for last week's cartoon adding Trump to Mt. Rushmore. We couldn't have asked for a more appropriate portrayal.

Shooting geese at the dam seems like an uncivilized way to deal with animals protecting their habitat. Ya' gotta be smarter than the geese, people.

The single greatest challenge to school achievement is culture. During the Depression, children were poor but they showed up and parents were there.

Here's a challenge to everyone: Do something this school year to help students — not yours — succeed. Many small efforts can produce big results.

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