The Rant

The Rant

August 20th, 2017 in Opinion Rants

Since when is social media a reliable reason to fire someone?

The KKK and the Neo-Nazis are a tough bunch. But their biggest problem is they're only tough when they're in a bunch!

Come on, folks. Rather than trying to destroy and remove our history, let us try to learn from it and make all our lives better.

Remember when Donald Trump asked what black voters had to lose by voting for him?

America will never be as great as it can be until we put God first.

I told my sister last summer that the "Make America Great Again" slogan was really about making America white again. She agreed. Sad, bad president.

Trump complained about Obamas' vacation expense but is on pace to spend more in one year than Obama did in eight. What an embarrassing hypocrite.

It's beautiful watching the Democrats who nuclearized North Korea worry about President Trump. Relax Dems, the Donald can pick up the pieces of your mess.

Who are the 24 percent of Americans who believe President Trump is honest? Fact-checkers have found 500 lies just since the election. It's pathological.

History is not the enemy! Destroy statues today. Tomorrow museums, battlefield memorials and cemeteries. Soon that column of smoke at the library will be books.

This insane Orwellian political correctness about Confederate monuments by the left is making me switch from voting Democrat to Republican. Enough is enough!

Since there is so much violent disagreement over which monuments are acceptable, then perhaps they should all be abolished.

TFP: Elite liberals are amazed by their own supposed brilliance. Just ask them. Everyday conservatives already know that square pegs don't fit into round holes!

The Chattanooga Times excoriated President Trump for taking three days to say the words "white nationalist." Barack Obama took 2,900 days to never say "Islamic terrorist."

News flash to the white supremacists in Charlottesville. The Civil War is over. We lost. Get over it.

So Trump thanks Putin for expelling many of our diplomatic corps and mistakenly suggests we save money. Can we sink any lower?

Kim and Trump yelling threats at each other reminds me of schoolyard bullies taunting each other across the schoolyard. Adult supervision desperately needed.

I wanted to write a rant that's timely and packs some heat. But what's current today gets pushed out of the way by tomorrow's crazier tweet.

Because there is not enough hatred being spewed already, the Free Press editorial page adds Ann Coulter's column. Pathetic.

Today we pay the consequences for having two absolutely terrible candidates for president. Wake up America! We did this to ourselves.

I would like to pose the big question to Chattanooga: Where is the diversity in your business leadership in the top five companies in Chattanooga?

Hamilton County and Chattanooga could fund street improvement by patrolling 27 Southbound in rush hour traffic and earmarking revenue from speeding tickets.

Last year the UT Athletic Department brought in $136 million in revenue, not using one cent of taxpayer money. I believe the basketball team can afford a trip to Europe.

Jim Mullen's column starts my Sunday morning with a smile. Why do you hide him in the Classified ETC. section?

A big thank-you to the media and social media in turning us into a society of divisiveness, hypocrites and individualists.

You know what's not hackable? A typewriter.

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