The Rant

The Rant

December 3rd, 2017 in Opinion Rants

Why would a ceremony honoring the WWII heroism of Native Americans be held in front of a portrait of "Trail of Tears" Andrew Jackson?

The one thing that Congress is proving: Power corrupts; absolute power absolutely corrupts.

Trump is like the Roman senator who ended every speech with "Carthage must be destroyed." Trump's Carthage is North Korea, whose fate he has decided.

Trump finally said something that I approve of: He said that we should say "Merry Christmas."

I am happy that the bone spur that afflicted Donald Trump did not, for a second time, prevent him from going to Vietnam.

Recently at an Ace Hardware store, a man watched his two boys pouring popcorn on the floor. Left the mess. Just left. Could care less.

Trump has the nation in such great shape, with all bills passed in Congress, that he now has time to manage NFL teams and players.

POTUS doesn't need a publicist. He is the best at tooting his own horn. PFFFFT!

Trump doesn't need the diplomatic corps to protect our overseas strategic alliances and foreign commerce. He can do it all on Twitter.

Reminder: U.S. Constitution, Article VI, Section 3: "No religious test shall ever be required as a qualification to any office or public trust under the United States."

Alabamans have a decision to make Dec. 12 that will forever determine who they are.

Why do some people so fiercely defend the life of an unborn child, then give safe harbor to obvious pedophiles?

Roy Moore is an accused sexual predator, but he's a conservative and that's what counts for the president of the United States.

Matt Lauer the latest media titan to fall. Kudos to NBC for sending a speedy, unequivocal message. Who will be next? Because someone will be.

Trump wants to get rid of the sexual harassers in Washington, unless they are Republicans. I'm being screwed by the new tax bill. Does that count?

Why isn't there a "statue of limitations" on what people did some 30 or 40 years ago? People who are so critical now weren't "perfect angels" then.

What happened to "innocent until proven guilty"? Is it politically incorrect to assume that anymore?

Since auto insurance can be sold in all states across state lines, why can't health insurance be sold the same way?

Stormwater regulations: the fix was in. City Council backs developers over taxpayer interests, 7 to 0. Vote them out, every last one.

I'm sorry but convicted killers should have no rights. They lost them when they committed the crime!

Please explain to me why someone with 14 DUIs is still on the road. Lock him up.

How can Democrats want tax reform? They don't want spending reform. Tax the rich is their call to diatribe. Noting changes in Liberal-land.

I nominate O.J. Simpson for UT's head football coach. He's available, knows football, has experience wearing orange and can get away with murder.

Seniors may be negatively affected by loss of deductions for medical cost. Contact Sen. Corker: Request elimination of tax on Social Security.

How many men in powerful and not-so-powerful positions are worried about their recent past behavior towards women? Glad to see them sweat.

Kudos to the Astros for standing, hands over hearts and hats in hands, during our national anthem at their victory celebration in Houston. Take note NFL.

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