The Rant

The Rant

December 24th, 2017 in Opinion Rants

Hey Democrats, the Good Book says "thou shalt not lie." It is evident that you do not read it.

What if we could magically see what happened in most elected officials' relationships 30-40 years ago? Would they be so quick to judge and condemn?

Bob, Bob, Bob: You said you wouldn't vote for anything that added to the deficit. That's what you said.

If one person is giving the news and a second person keeps talking, how can we hear what is being said?

I cannot figure out how you can drive around in a new Lexus SUV, pay $500 for a smart phone and still be able to get food stamps.

Legs, legs, legs! I get so disgusted seeing women on TV sitting with crossed legs and bony knees. So distracting. Get them behind a desk.

Created as a co-equal branch of the national government, Congress does not work for nor should it be subservient to the executive branch. James Madison.

Thank you, POTUS, for record high numbers in the Dow. My retirement account never looked better.

Obama is absolutely unbelievable. Even when he isn't president, he can make the stock market go up 5,000 points.

Help me understand conservative Christians' allegiance to Donald Trump, who seems less influenced by Jesus than any president in our lifetimes.

Some people could be up to their neck in water, but if Trump said the flood is fake news, they'd believe it!

Hollywood: Idols with feet of clay.

Hey, Donald, after the elections in Virginia, New Jersey and Alabama (primary and special), are you tired of winning yet?

Thank you, Alabama! You have restored my faith in the system. Almost.

Roy Moore, please do us a favor. Climb on your horse and ride off into the sunset. That would really help make America great again.

Bob Corker must have decided that since he won't be a senator anymore, who cares about anyone else? He'll get his big tax break.

Pam Sohn's criticism of Trump's tax plan carries credibility in her mind because she ignores the dismal economic failure of the last eight years.

Republicans are hoping the little tax cut they rushed through for 2018 will make you love them for midterm elections.

Tax bill scorecard: Republicans 1, Americans 0.

When is the last time the Democrats put forward a tax reform plan of any kind? Yet, the one by the Republicans is wrong.

Just as I predicted. Gross amount increased by 2 percent; Medicare took every penny; Net: exactly the same as the past two years.

When a bully initiates action on you, when is the time to push back?

Edney Building easily received permission for nonconforming sign while owner of Koch's Bakery endured endless bureaucracy over doughnut mural.

Bravo, Signal Mountain. Please break away from the incompetent HCDE and take education to a higher level.

Two things never seen at Walker County Democratic Party meetings: the pledge to the flag or prayer at opening or closing of a meeting.

Every man has his price for selling principles. Sen. Corker's is $1 million. Annually. Sold his soul.

Thank you, Richard Moore, for having one of the three most sensible letters on Dec. 17. Cable and internet are not basic needs.

A very large "atta-boy" to brothers Ken and Byron DeFoor for developing the BlueCross BlueShield Gold Building into a first-class hotel.

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