The Rant

The Rant

February 5th, 2017 in Opinion Rants

Nurses, do not discuss and laugh about your patients while you are out to Sunday breakfast with friends. You should be ashamed.

Immigration without assimilation is invasion.

People protesting President Trump's vetting will be the first to cry out that he is not protecting them if we have a terrorist attack.

Unless Trump changes his behavior, America will not restore greatness and world respect to our country.

I don't know why all the fuss over Trump. He said he was going to do this during the campaign. He kept a promise.

For heaven's sake, people, it's not that we're stopping anyone from doing whatever. It's that we're not going to pay for it all. Grow up.

Thank you, Ruth Colker, for your well-written article about the disturbing attacks on Planned Parenthood. Its services are imperative.

Anyone WHO thinks they are religious or Christ-like and voted for Trump, you're not even close. Stop watching Fox news. ISIS operates the same way.

To the ranter who wanted to know how many Trump supporters have "buyers remorse," I would vote for Trump over and over again!

Donald Trump talks about himself and often does not say I or me, but says "Trump." Like many others, he can't believe he is real either.

Civilization has reached a new low when you call someone a liar just because he/she has different political views.

Steve Bannon, Brightbart mouthpiece and White House adviser, tells the media to "shut up?" He should take his own advice.

The Tennessee Riverpark needs well-marked signs and maps. Trying to find a specific pavilion in there is a most frustrating exercise.

If they gave an Oscar for "Drama Queen," both Meryl Streep and Ashley Judd would be strong contenders.

In last Sunday's paper, Charles Krauthammer's commentary was something I accepted, for once. He clearly understands the problems Trump has created in foreign policy.

One third of 1 percent of Americans have been killed by terrorists; 93 die every day by gun violence at the hands of Americans. What's wrong with this picture?

Road rage and Tennessee's loose gun laws concern me more than a terrorist attack. Wrong page, Trump.

Donald Trump's little feet will never fill President Obama's shoes!

You can deny climate change all day long, but Mother Nature will show you differently, and she already is.

Saying Trump has implemented a "Muslim ban" 10 times or 10,000 times still doesn't make it true. Be reasonable!

He who cannot admit a mistake, is destined to repeat it.

Robin Smith, you forgot that the "average Americans" now benefiting from what you call good policy and good politics were outnumbered by 2.9 million votes.

How is the District 3 city councilman running unopposed? Big Ridge has reverted to gravel roads and wagon ruts!

A 20 percent tax on imports from Mexico to pay "for the wall" what will that do to the price of tomatoes and fruit, let alone cars?

Okay for comedian Chelsey Handler to state Melania Trump "can't speak English"? Our First Lady is fluent in four languages. Chelsey can't speak humor!

Three words that should be purged by the media and pundits: conflate and false narrative.

The Hamilton County Board of Education is what's wrong with Hamilton County Schools.

Register to vote in the city election by Monday, or forfeit your right to complain about the mayor and council members for four years!

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