The Rant

The Rant

February 12th, 2017 in Opinion Rants

Enjoy marching? Believes it makes a statement? Become a professional — enlist!

Apparently, alternative facts lead to alternative massacres, i.e., Bowling Green.

Napping in the back seat, I can feel when we hit the city limits after a road trip. What an embarrassment our streets are.

Let Trump pay for the wall from his fortune. Mexico can repay him. This keeps U.S. taxpayers out of the loop.

Trump to Putin: "Okay, I see what's going on here you give me the presidency, I'll give you Ukraine."

Mr. Obama, we had eight years of your anti-Republican comments. Could we have four years without your input?

Trump's tirades are like a child who broke a vase, lied about it, then yells at you for being a lousy parent.

Columnist Ron Hart says Trump will lift temporary travel ban from certain countries. He says immigrants affected will start their modeling careers the following week. LOL.

Only three years and three months until we can elect a real president and not a "so-called" president.

I wish I could wake up one morning and find out that Trump was fake news and Obama was still president.

If California is going to declare itself a sanctuary state, then sell it to Mexico, and pay for the wall.

About Ron Hart: Seldom is there so much humor coming from the right. It must drive liberals nuts since historically they have owned that space.

We should all be thankful for the wisdom of the amazing men who foresaw the need for our government's three equal branches.

President Trump won. Get over it. Dems are whiners and full of hate. Thank you for assuring the next eight years for Trump.

George Bush had one thing right when he said that Muslims make valuable contributions to us and should be treated with respect.

Trump is self-destructing even faster than I expected.

If you lock your doors, don't talk to me about open borders. If you did not vote, you lost your right to criticize my president.

Robin Smith wrote the rise of Dow Jones industrial average is "a sign of economic growth." Under Obama, it grew 150 percent, Robin, third best behind FDR and WJC.

Citizens: Before you vote in March for City Council candidates, who support bike lanes on "washboard" (Bailey) Avenue, please drive both ways and count potholes!

Aside from the lack of "Welcome to Chattanooga" signs on our interstates, the amount of litter on our highways makes us look like a third world city.

Why this ridiculous ritual when statistics show groundhogs have been wrong about winter 61 percent of the time? Leave 'em alone.

It's all well and good for 14,000-plus to support the CFC, but where are you, Chattanooga, when it comes to your local teams?

Assuming that Doonesbury is intended for adults, we older ones have problems reading the tiny print!

With Secretary of Education Betsy DeVos, maybe poor children chained to low-performing public schools will have a chance to break the cycle.

The more Massachusetts Sen. Elizabeth Warren talks, the more we like our president, a git-'er-done kind of guy.

Trump is right: Courts have become so political. Let's return to impartial judges. Judicial reform anyone?

Bravo to police for catching credit card scammers! Thanks for your vigilance; saved folks a ton of hassle.

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