The Rant

The Rant

January 29th, 2017 in Opinion Rants

Go ahead, look up the word "carnage" and then decide.

How many of you Trump supporters now have buyers' remorse?

I have been a Republican most of my life. Donald Trump represents the greatest threat to our nation since the Civil War. He is a vile man without honor, integrity, or values.

Talk about your alternative facts. Here's one: We've been waiting for an alternative for Barack Obama for eight years. Now he's president!

My alternative facts tell me I am a billionaire. And don't question me.

Kellyanne Conway's "alternative facts" are something we can expect from the "alternative right."

Funny how the Democrats are so concerned over the ethics of Trump's cabinet selections when they just ran crooked Hillary for president.

It feels like Duck Dynasty-New York version has taken over the White House.

Each Democrat senator's "no" vote for a Trump cabinet member is a step closer to replacing that senator with a Republican.

Ranter says, "If you offend Donald Trump, you will pay." How about Obama, who viciously sicced the IRS on religious organizations and their employees?

You can buy a Trump commemorative coin. This comes with a warning. No matter how you flip it, it always lands on tails. Appropriate.

Unborn babies can't shout, "We are human beings," as the woman in the TFP did in their march. They're human beings and deserve respect, too!

If Pvt. CHELSEA Manning can obtain release from prison, I want to be able to smoke a joint on Main Street. I have suffered enough!

Anyone who thinks Obama was a good president after he added trillions to the national debt and saddled taxpayers with $81 million for his vacations is not thinking.

The Women's March: There's your mandate, Mr. Trump. Can you hear us now?

Ron Hart was asked if Dave Crockett could win the mayor's race. He said "a man with a coon skin cap just won presidency, so yes."

Ice on the Landing at the Choo Choo is great. Can the sponsors help repair the sign of this historic landmark? What a great contribution.

The TFP embarrasses itself by using The New York Times and The Associated Press. However, the fantasy on the Times editorial page is more humorous than the comics.

Larry, all you have to do to get elected is run on a platform of paving city streets. It is something our current administration doesn't get.

Male, female, gay, lesbian, trans, bi, etc. — Madonna's language/actions are the poorest example of the educated, pointed and tasteful use of any language.

A suspect in a local triple murder, though a teenager, was on supervised release when he brutally assaulted a man. Yikes!

Isn't there any benefactor, any tie-in, any organization that can keep the Chattanooga History Center from just being a warehouse?

City officials used to remove political signs from city rights-of-way. Now they're full of signs for city officials and their opponents.

The VRI hasn't worked. Let's call it a day and move on.

If Joe Scarbrough of "Morning Joe" is a Trump Whisperer, maybe he should start shouting.

RIP Mary Tyler Moore. You were a great role model for thousands of working women.

Way to go, VW. Investing in local education sends a strong signal to this community. Thank you!

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