The Rant

The Rant

July 2nd, 2017 in Opinion Rants

Free international travel: Just switch between CNN and Fox News. Seems like two entirely different countries.

We can put a man on the moon. Greatest nation on Earth? Can't solve health care. New plan should have more people with health care, not less.

I and many others agree with columnist Jay Greeson. The "Three Blind Owls" added insult to the Ooltewah injuries. You three men are a disgrace to Hamilton County. Please leave.

I suggest my multi-millionaire friends support the new health care bill because they will have millions more dollars to help pay their doctors.

It's time for the Rs and Ds to acknowledge that they need each other to solve health care. Collaborate and compromise, folks. It's the only way.

Did Congress lower hospital costs? No. Drug costs? No. Medical device costs? No. Lobbyists: three, people: zero.

Why don't our legislators find out how other countries, such as those in Europe, offer affordable, accessible health care and do something similar?

Top court gave the president a win on travel restrictions. Good. We need to tighten up all the way around in the country.

To complainers about left-leaning media: They are probably better educated and way more informed than you are. You don't like hearing the truth.

A letter to the editor praised Trump as "a Christian man," claimed Democrats quickly passed ACA "behind closed doors," and blamed shootings on liberals. Nuts.

If one has to be told not to go to North Korea, they have a problem.

Arrest Johnny Depp for making threats against the president. Put a stop to this nonsense once and for all.

Deshields left UNC for UT. Why? She is not a team player. Maybe she'll learn in WNBA. Tennessee will be a better team.

George Orwell said: During times of universal deceit, telling the truth becomes a revolutionary act.

I know I'm not real smart but how can you drive a new Lexus SUV and get food stamps and welfare?

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To the guy who rammed his vehicle into the 10 Commandments monument in Arkansas: Don't come to Tennessee. Leave the U.S.A.

Can't believe another Publix is coming to Chattanooga. What we really need is Trader Joe's.

Only someone totally ignorant of history could think Obama or Bush43, for that matter, was the worst president. Several others have that spot.

When will the NCAA finally rule on the UNC scandal which has dragged on for years?

Note to Pam Sohn and Clay Bennett: Hate Trump, "resist" and Russian conspiracy theories are not and will not be a winning strategy for Democrats.

Best things about the TFP: The Rant, reader photos, "Mutts," "Pickles," and now columnist Jay Greeson.

Recipe for Democratic disaster in 2020: Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi, President Bernie Sanders/President Elizabeth Warren. Dems won't think so.

Many people who wanted the police chief's credentials lowered are the same ones who insisted the school superintendent should be an educator with a terminal degree. What gives?

All those RINOs (Republicans in name only) wringing their hands about their 2018 prospects apparently don't remember November 2016 when we got what we wanted (and we're happy with it).

Congrats to the TFP and the Best of Preps event. What a nice way to celebrate so many deserving high school athletes. Of course their families are proud.

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