The Rant

The Rant

July 9th, 2017 in Opinion Rants

A quick pitch is illegal in baseball and a poor strategy in trying to pass a health care plan, Mitch.

I want President Trump to succeed. People wanted a change. My wish: POTUS would stop tweeting. Silence would drive Dems and media bonkers!

A reader wanted to know why we're not doing more about population control to help with global warming. We are. It's called Trumpcare.

"Republicans headed for bloodbath in 2018." Umm — remember Handel and Ossoff? Georgia is red. Hollywood millions useless.

Southern Baptist churches should focus more on inviting people to their churches and less on endorsing Trump and his unethical lifestyle.

Washington, leave AHCA and Medicare alone! Instead, reinstitute prayer and bring in meditation by all politicians before all sessions.

Our president actually said these words, "We're looking at a health care that will be a fantastic tribute to your country."

During the campaign of 2016, JoeMika were Trump's biggest media supporters outside Fox News. Little surprise (or sympathy) that a rattled snake would strike back.

Perhaps the hub drub over "fake news" should be relabeled "fake leadership."

Elected politicians try to correct some problem. The solution is worse, but then they campaign to reform their solution. They make and want our problems.

When Nietzsche called Christianity the wimpish religion, he'd never heard of snowflake liberalism. Rev. Martin Luther King was no snowflake.

It is shameful that people who call themselves Christians invite a political operative (cloaked in patriotism) to speak at church. Definitely not What Jesus Would Do!

Just once — once — I want to hear an Obamacare supporter argue the financially sound reasons, not the emotional reasons, for keeping this crumbling mess. C'mon, I dare you.

People can march in the street, protest for Obamacare, whine about immigration and walls, but, in the end, they're still just people who voted for Hillary Clinton.

What's up with all the storage developments around town? Is half of Chattanooga in transition?

The revolution that resulted in Brexit 1776 came about for a lot less taxation than we have today.

Single-payer health care will never happen here because insurance is a big business and corporate, lobbyist and political greed will never allow it.

Shameful: Dayton brags about its million- dollar fishing revenue and yet the Rhea County Jail is a disgrace!

Commissioner Tim Boyd is mad at the CVB so the Humane Education Society gets punished too. And we wonder what's wrong with politics and politicians.

When will Best of Preps be about the scholars instead of athletes? That's one thing wrong with Chattanooga's view on schools.

Dog owners, I don't get how you can walk away from dog waste left in our yards. Guess it's too burdensome to carry a bag.

Restaurants: I patronize you for good food and good conversation with friends, not for your piped-in music. Please turn down the volume.

To the ranter who'd prefer a Trader Joe's over a new Publix: Trust me on this, you really want Wegmans to come here!

A big thanks to the youth who came to help clean up Walker County.

Since the price of eggs is the cheapest it's been in years, our politicians probably ought to start ducking.

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