The Rant

The Rant

July 30th, 2017 in Opinion Rants

GOP, instead of acting on behalf of your party, try acting on behalf of your constituents. Your health care bill sucks. Stop whining, and start governing. Have all those people moved to Canada who promised to if Trump was elected? Hope so. You can still go.

Donald, it's time for you to just shut up and do your job. You do "own it" you're the president. Make it work.

Dow predicted drop in tourism. Wrong. Actually up. Business profits up. Stock market great. All after Trump's election. Looking good.

Why do TV networks think the general public really cares about O.J.'s parole hearing? I surely have better things to do.

Following TVA's coal ash spill disaster, 17 workers are dead and dozens more are dying. Is this TVA's way of avoiding paying retirement benefits?

County commissioners rescind accountability measure. What a crying shame! Voters should throw them out.

Who is responsible for policing two Lake Resort Drive pull-offs, between the dam and BP store? Teenagers gather daily, underage drinking, leaving behind trash.

Very sad to see so much money being spent at Miller Park. We need money put in our schools and Chattanooga roads.

After promising to hire the best people for everything, Trump surrounds himself with rich buddies regardless of knowledge or skills.

The Dems' new slogan,"A Better Deal: Better Jobs, Better Wages, Better Future," is a joke. Who are they kidding?

How ironic that Trump sets up a Voter Fraud Commission without investigating the fraud Russia committed to get him elected.

I'm in total agreement with Trump's world philosophy. "I'm right, and everyone else is wrong."

Why is Trump upset with Session's recusal? a) He doesn't know the law. b) He doesn't care about the law. c) He wanted his attorney general to break the law?

Snow Hill Road Drivers 101: Your lane is the lane on your side of the painted yellow lines. Stay in your lane!

Democratic Party: We brought health care to millions without raising taxes on the lower and middle classes.

We need something like Israel's Iron Dome air defense system to protect us from North Korea's incoming.

Columnist Ron Hart about the non-issue transgender bathrooms: "All everyone involved in this issue wants to do in life is to: eat, drink and be Mary."

Journalism schools teach writing to reach readers with a ninth-grade education. Clay Bennett's juvenile cartoons have yet to rise to that level.

If the rant column lent its space for a month to those who changed their minds by reading rants, we'd have nothing to read.

Saw a bicycle rider staring at his phone screen as he crossed M.L. King Boulevard at Carter Street in morning traffic. Dude, finding out where your gamers are meeting is not worth losing your life.

New superintendent duties: 1. Drain the swamp. 2. Put responsible people in administration, not someone's wife's bother's cousin. 3. Forget college track for every student. 4. Watch your back.

When the RNC far outraises the DNC in early 2017 in the face of so much left-wing hate for the president, methinks the silent Trump majority that elected him is still viable.

With the City Council's recent plea to the state for more time to turn around the county's decade-long struggling schools, we'll look forward to the body putting its money where its votes are.

Finally, the obstacle course, aka Northpoint Boulevard that connects Hixson Pike to Hwy. 153, will be resurfaced! Thanks!

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